Graduation Day

This morning is graduation day for my 5k clinic runners and we’re running the 100% Irish For A Day 5k along with the 10k clinic girls at Lake Harriet.

What I can say about the last 10 weeks is that they went by much faster than I ever could have expected; and they turned me into a real, in-the-flesh, runs in the bitter cold Minnesota Winter Runner.

Did I mention that I got to work with new runners?  Because there was that, too. 😉

I can’t wait to cheer each of them across the finish line.

For a bit of reference, the last 5k I ran was in October 2010.  I was extremely hungover, I managed to (1) avoid puking on the course and (2) PR.

My friends will all tell you that I prefer not to race that distance because by the time we get to the finish line, I’ve only just started to get into my groove.  It’s like some sort of cruel trick or something.

That being said, since it has been nearly a year and a half, I’m excited to put a solid effort in and see what time I can pull out of this.

Knowing how much they simplify my life, I took the time to do some arm-splits.

So we’ll see how that works out.  A PR for me in this race would be anything under 28:47.

What we will also be testing: Whether flautas are a valid pre-race meal.  So far the verdict on that one is YES.

Praying for an empty bladder, strong legs and a safe finish.


8 responses to “Graduation Day

  1. Love, love, love. Can’t wait to see you – hopefully at the start, and definitely at the finish. You = awesome.

  2. Good luck, Kat! And good luck to the trainees, too 😉

  3. Good luck to everyone – hope you have {er, had?} fun!

  4. Hooray! Good luck to your little flock of runners!! They’re gonna make you proud, I’m sure!! And hopefully, you’ll make all your splits and PR with room to spare!!

  5. Enjoy! But don’t freeze to death. There’s nothing worse than needing a restroom mid-run. I hate that. Sounds like you will have a lovely Saturday. Your clinic girls are so lovely to have you.

  6. That was supposed to say lucky to have you. Stupid phone.

  7. How exciting! I bet it was wonderful seeing all of your students crossing the finish line. Oh, and I saw your time on Twitter. NICE JOB!

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