Daily Archives: 03.08.2012

Day 100

I know, I know.

I have no sense of routine lately.  Someday Marathon Mondays will actually be on Mondays again.

But not today.

A little story to get us started.

When I have really stressful days at work, I get into the car, turn up the radio and blast cold air on my face.  For reasons I can’t explain, it’s hardcore soothing to me.  I relax in the driver’s seat, focus on the road and just let go.

Figure that one out, right?

This week has been an extremely busy, stressful and exhausting one.  So running has very much been an escape for me over the past few days in a way that it hasn’t been for a long time.  I’ve been able to put on my shoes and just turn off the world for a while.

I’m not in The Zone, but I’m in A Zone.

Today, I had some hill training to do and as I was running down the hill and into the wind (it was ~18 MPH) I slipped into this place where it was just me, the music in my ears and the cold air rushing across my face.

And then, I started to think, haven’t I already done this whole music-cold air thing once already today?

Because, on my commute home, I had.

Very quickly what I came to realize is that after a long day at work, the space that I create in my car “fakes” the sensory perception of an outdoor run for me.  Which explains why the moment I get in the car, turn on the music and turn up the air, my stress is gone.

I had a pretty good laugh about that one.

All of that aside, can you believe that it’s Day 100?  Because it is.  In 100 days I will be going to bed in a hotel bed that is not mine after eating God-knows-what pre-race meal (NOT PASTA) that I manage to scrounge up.

And the funny part is, I can’t even tell you why I’ve been looking forward to day 100.  I’m not running the most mileage, doing the hardest workouts or making my fastest times.  But none of that matters.

Triple-digits are dead to me.

And yes, I have MORE running news.

Starting on Monday, March 12th, I will be teaching a Learn To Run Clinic at the Uptown Running Room at 6:30 PM.  Yes, that means that they want me back.  Which is 11/10 exciting to me.

Anyway, Click here to register online.  The cost is $49.99 and includes 10 weeks of instruction as well as a technical shirt.  You might be wondering if this is the right clinic for you.  I would say absolutely yes if you feel like you fit into the following groups:

  • You’re medically clear to engage in physical activity.
  • You want to learn how to run.
  • You are comfortable with the idea of sweating and working for it.

Even if this clinic isn’t the right one for you, it might be the right fit for someone else in your life who is ready to lace-up!

FINALLY, I’m the Blogette of the Week over at Lauren’s blog so check it out and give that lady some love!

What have you been doing to relax this week?

How many days until your next race?