Daily Archives: 03.03.2012

The Most Random Accomplishments

Because even I found it so totally ridiculous, I decided to take a snap of the food that I hauled into work yesterday.  Because we didn’t have any leftovers in the house.

Imagine that.

Judge away.

In the mix: Popcorn, Vanilla Greek Yogurt, Oat Squares, a Grapefruit, a Banana, KIND Bar.

A real potpourri, I know.

I thought that they would suffice as an adequate spread of snacks and lunch (though the popcorn never got popped).  You should also know that since we don’t have any sharp knives in the office, I had to go after the grapefruit with a pair of scissors.

It was quite the scene.

It was also employee appreciation day, so my supervisor (along with the other manager in our division) brought in berries, cream and angel food cake.  I had zero interest in the cake but LOTS of interest in the berries.

Because, you know, it’s March and the following are not in season: raspberries, blueberries, strawberries.

And when I say I had LOTS of interest in the berries, I mean that I probably ate a carton worth.

Despite my best efforts (and those of my co-workers), we barely made a dent.

So I scrounged up a container in the lunchroom and brought a few cups home to toss into my breakfast this morning.

I still didn’t make a dent in it.

They were a bit frosty when I snapped them because I tossed them into the freezer to keep them from molding.  You can file that under Wet Berry Paranoia.

I don’t want to say that it was my favorite breakfast of the entire winter, but it was definitely in the Top 5.

Today’s most random accomplishment?

I sourced a pair of compression tights today after my run clinic.

I love the sleeves that I have 11/10.  So I thought it was time to commit get a pair of full-on pants.  Because more is more, right?  Why would I limit myself to glorified leg warmers when I could have the whole enchilada?

I run in tights all the time.  But these?  Are a totally different animal.

I tweeted earlier today about wishing I had recorded myself slithering into them.  Because it was not at all dignified.  It was more like a fight between my body and gravity.  After I managed the feat, I realized I had to leave the house again to go pick up a few more things for tomorrow.

The tights were not coming off.  So the Revas went on.

I’m just going to throw this one out there: I just don’t think that compression tights and Revas are a combination that most people are sporting.

What you should know: If you go to the grocery store after 4 PM on a Saturday, you can wear basically anything and you won’t be the most outlandishly dressed person there.  It’s far less judgmental than the after-work crowd.

What’s the most ridiculous arrangement you’ve run errands in?