Building Blocks

And we’re back into the cycle of Healthy Living Resolutions with #1, Eat More Green Things and #2, Identify and Listen to my Hunger Cues.

The last time I discussed eating green things, I talked about how Marcus and I were trying to incorporate more vegetables into our diet.  The last time I talked about my hunger cues, I workshopped planning for hungry and holding-out for what I really want.

Reading over them again, they feel like building blocks.


My weight loss was stalling out, so I added another 200 calories to my day.  Because for my situation, that seemed like the most logical choice.

I’ve been at a happy (and healthy) weight for the last year, but I wouldn’t be opposed to losing a few more pounds.

The past month has confirmed that it was the right one.

What you should know is that even though I’m not making a concerted effort to shave off X number of pounds before June 16th, my incentive to lose weight (and at the very least maintain it) for the marathon is extremely high.  They say that for every 10 pounds you lose, you can shave up to 8:00 off of your marathon time.

That is not an insignificant number.

The Main Event

In the spirit of Eat Food.  Not Too Much.  Mostly Plants. I’ve been trying to actively seek out things that most closely resemble their original form (be they plant or animal).

This isn’t exactly a new thing.

But in eating more, I made the conscious decision to choose things that would be the best for my body.  For Day 109.  For getting rid of fat and building stronger bones and muscles.

Because at the end of the day, eating more is a completely pointless act if it only translates into me eating more junk.

I feel like I’ve said this before, but in my book, eating real food doesn’t mean giving up bread or processed dairy.  Those fall into the category of things that other people process for me because I am not practiced at processing them myself.

I’m entering my fifth week of avoiding alcohol on weekdays.  College Kat would be extremely perplexed by this one.  It came about after Napa because taking a little break after spending a long weekend in wine country felt good.  It seemed like the right thing to do.  And then the break just kept on going.

I mean, if I was craving a beer or a glass of wine, yes I would absolutely drink it (and I have on a few occasions).  But 95% of the time, I haven’t been.

Yes, I still eat some tributes to Food Science.  Who doesn’t?

Like Quaker Oat Squares every morning for a snack.  Because I am addicted to their crunch and their vaguely sweet, vaguely flat flavor.  We have Girl Scout Cookies in the house.  Because it’s just That Time Of Year.  Candy Corn will ALWAYS fill a special place in my soul.

This is called being human.

The Truth

These changes haven’t been drastic OR fast.  They’ve been little choices.  Daily choices.  With something to show for them.

The weight is slowly coming off (1.5 pounds since I weighed myself two weeks ago).

I’m running stronger than I ever have.

For me, the key has been avoiding any semblance of over-thinking the situation on a day-to-day basis.  Because I can’t imagine what my body is going to look like in 109 days any more than I can imagine what running Mile 18 will be like.

The fact of the matter is that we just aren’t there yet.

Honesty: What is your favorite tribute to food science?

What foods do you incorporate into your diet because they make you feel good?

13 responses to “Building Blocks

  1. Everything is better with Kale. Shakes, meatloaf, salad, caserole… Everything.

  2. Food Science Food: … Sickly Sweet Coffee Creamer – that won’t be leaving the fridge soon.

  3. Yes x a million for this post. I love the science of calories in / calories out, however, eating 100 calorie packs and Smart Ones all day, although under my caloric goal, would still not be ideal for marathon training and nutrition. i’m stuck trying to re-learn weight-loss for marathon training. Most of your “building blocks” are the same for me – more green. Less processed. We’re totally in this together!!!!

  4. The body is strange and complicated at the same time. I’ve had to learn the hard way that a super restrictive diet = messed up Sarah. It’s taken years of learning “all things in moderation,” but it has finally served me well. Now, I never let myself get so hungry that I inhale Tostitos without thinking, drink more water, and always let myself have some small treats.

  5. I don’t know if I could pinpoint just 1 homage to food science, but I truly love potato chips.
    My favorite foods to have around because they make me feel good…goat cheese, onions, garlic, broccoli, quinoa, crusty bread, arugula. Num!

  6. I tried to make up for my lack of exercise last weeked by subsisting off carrots and celery (and an Apple) yesterday. Bad idea. All that fiber kills my tummy. Moderation is the key to most everything.

  7. It’s so odd for something that used to be the standard is now what everyone is striving towards doing to have a better life (as in eating closer to natural state)
    There are quite a few foods that I enjoy that happen to be in the food science-y realm, and for some of them I feel like I’d get kicked out of the blog world for saying them. On the other hand, I tend to eat pretty naturally as much as I can. Except maybe craisins. I freakin’ love those things.
    For good foods that make me feel good, I like to incorporate veggies like carrots and broccoli into my diet. Apples and pineapples for fruit, and I like fresh bread more than storebought bread even if my loaves always are a little flat.

  8. Greenery makes me feel good. Spinach, lettuce, kale, etc. Shame I haven’t eaten more of the above lately!

  9. First off, congrats on the weight loss – so happy for you! And 8:00 is not an insignificant amount at all.

    I don’t eat many things that can be attributed to food science. I’ve come a long way from my Michaelina’s frozen meals! But I will pop a mini-Lindt here and there. And let’s face it…it’s not like a chocolatier (sp?) was slaving over my chocolate, right?

  10. I agree with you times a million! It’s amazing how little things start to add up especially with booze. My food science is definitely chips and salsa, and frozen chocolate chips! Food that makes me feel good – vegetables and fish!

  11. I am really trying hard to focus on grains and veggies right now. I am cutting out meat for now to see If it ups my energy level. Everyone is so different I say eat what makes you feel good and healthy. I really limit processed food for my family as well. If we really want cookies I am happy to make them.

  12. I’m a sucker for ice cream. Is that Food Science? And by “ice cream,” I don’t mean the store brand vanilla that my mother-in-law put in our freezer. Gross. I mean the stuff at the local ice cream parlor that was made with local milk. I’ve met the cows; they’re great girls.
    I’ve been cutting down on meat for quite a while. I’m bound and determined that I’m not going to get cancer in my 40s like my dad did. I’m not a chicken fan anyway, so that’s not hard, but every once in a while, I want a burger.
    What I need to do is determine if I really do want what I think I want (I started Savor – we have LOTS to talk about). Every time I binge on Dr Pepper, I feel terrible. So why do I want it?

  13. Steel cut oats make me happy! And so good for me! As far as That Which Has Been Created in a Lab, I would have to go with carbonated bevs — I love sprite, coke, pepsi, dr pepper… I don’t hit the bottle often, but I do love it every so often.

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