A Bit of Improvement: Hitting the Lights

Last weekend, the real purpose of our trip to Lowe’s was not for seeds, but to source a few light fixtures for our main floor.  The fixtures that the house came with, while not totally heinous, are a whole lot of brass n’ glass.  Which we do not love.

File that under Design Concepts That Never Should Have Come To Fruition.

Last weekend, Marcus offered to replace the hall light WITH the caveat that if we were not successful in our attempt, I would be without a hall light until he got home from his business trip and we could call a real expert (my father-in-law) in.

We took down the old fixture.  The new fixture we purchased was missing a piece.  It got returned to the store and I was without a hall light.

We all saw that coming.

This morning, while I was off leading my 5k group, Marcus and David did The Replacing.

What I learned about photographing light fixtures: It’s better to take the photo when the light is off, and depending on where the fixture is located in your house, it might be totally impossible to get a shot with any degree of natural light.

The kitchen.

I love it 11/10 except for the part where it makes the cabinets that The Previous Occupants did not re-do look absolutely heinous.  Re-facing them to match our island will need to happen sooner than later.

The hall.

The original problem.  And despite the fact that David revealed all of the secrets of light fixture replacement to Marcus today, we will be taking it down and returning it for another.  Because the light that it gives off is fluorescent and blue in contrast to all of the warm light that is happening in this house.

Add that to the top of the list of problems I never thought I would have.  I always knew I would need to pick a theme for our fixtures (brushed steel?  bronze?), but I never thought I would be concerning myself with how to match the type of light that the fixtures cast.

What home improvement projects have you attempted to tackle recently?

7 responses to “A Bit of Improvement: Hitting the Lights

  1. Well, we finished the basement this summer, though it is still largely empty. We, too, have many light fixtures to replace, except instead of brass n’ glass, ours tend toward white, country-style fixtures at the moment. And we also have Kitchen Issues and will be doing some island adjustments, cupboard refacing, and countertop replacement, at the very least.

    Thanks for the pep talk. I am going to hang in there and finish strong this week 🙂

  2. Before you return that light fixture – is the glass blue, or just the bulb? Those compact florescent bulbs come in different hues. (We did this same thing once.) Try replacing the bulbs with the “daylight” or “sunlight” version and see if that helps. If it’s because the glass shade is tinted blue, my tip is obviously useless. PS – we have identical fixtures in all of our hallways. : )

  3. The new light fixture looks quites lovely. And of COURSE that’s what happened. It’s what always happens, isn’t it?

  4. The light fixtures look great. Good pictures are hard to get- period. I’ve realized there are only two times of day I try to get pictures now. Of the kids, it’s different, you just have to get em’ when you can. But, anything in the house there are those two perfect hours early in the morning and early evening, when there is just enough light. And then still sometimes it doesn’t work out, oh well.

    I love the feeling of updating and organizing, it’s the best.

    I love the salad in your last post. I want to grab it and eat it.

    Take care,


  5. We managed to fix the pipes under the kitchen sink, but that’s as far as it’s gotten. Neither of us are very handy. My next move is to paint the bathroom and (hopefully) get some new counters installed.

  6. I wish I knew how to change a light fixture. Electricity freaks me out. I can do interior painting though.

  7. The first thing we did when we moved into this house was to replace 90% of the light fixtures. It looked like Judy Jetson threw up white plastic & frosted glass lighting as far as the eye could see. Perfect for a house on a heavily wooded lot, no? No. The last 10% will be changed this summer after the “bigger projects” are complete…Our next projects involve Bacon Slayer being able to purchase a rather large circular saw to action such things as bead board, and board & batten (my mind) OR finish the floor molding from the kitchen remodel 5 years ago (his mind.)

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