Soothing Through Organizing

After last night’s post, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t be calling y’all Woolen Warriors instead of kittens.  Because it would seem that we are all cardigan-hoarders.

I love it.

Today is the kind of day where I feel like I’ve spent the entirety of the it raising one or both eyebrows.  Not in a skeptical-sort of way, but in a Seriously?-sort of way.  In an I Am Not Impressed-sort of way.

You know, the kind of day where you want to start planning out the next few days just to ignore the reality of this one.  Not because it has been bad (it hasn’t) but because it’s the kind of day where something just doesn’t feel…resolved.

Yes, THAT.

As a cherry on top of the cake, I decided to check my horoscopes, which is what I do recreationally and when I need answers to something quickly that I just don’t have the time to figure out on my own.

If you learned nothing else from the centaurs in Harry Potter, it’s that the answers are in the sky.

And yes, I said horoscopes, plural.  Because under the old horoscope I was a Virgo and under the new horoscope I’m a Leo.  I’m still as confused about all of that as you are.  The whole old-new thing.  But I think it’s important to hedge my bets and check all the things, just in case.

The Virgo horoscope said that “dark, depressing dreams could plague your sleep tonight,” and the Leo horoscope said “Your concentration is likely to be off and what your reading will probably look like Greek to you.”

Can we all agree that The Universe has totally set me up for success here?  Because I don’t know how much more ominous we could get.

So right now I’m meal planning (which is usually relegated to the weekends) and grocery list re-writing because for God only knows what reason, that feels soothing to me.

It probably has to do with the Type A within and the need to organize…something.

Say what you will, those lists look a hundred times better than they did 20 minutes ago.  And right now I’m craving Mexican, so that’s pretty much all we’ll be eating next week.

Whims: They get things done.

What do you do to de-stress?

Are you soothed by order like I am?


7 responses to “Soothing Through Organizing

  1. Yes! With my current season of life being variable do to all of the familial players in residence, I crave being able to sit down and organize something. You made me laugh because I often re-write the meal plan and grocery list so that they make more sense at the moment. Lists are soothing.

  2. I am a Virgo, I have to be organized & make lists. My birthday is 9-03, I wonder if I am a Leo now too. If I am, I am not accepting it. I’ve been a Virgo for 38 years, too late to change now.

    Oddly enough I never read my horoscope, don’t believe in them, but I am still hanging on to my Virgo status.

  3. Lists are so comforting. And I’m 100% the person who places easily accomplishable tasks on said lists so I can feel more productive on the days where I can’t seem to find the motivation.

  4. “If you learned nothing else from the centaurs in Harry Potter, it’s that the answers are in the sky.”—I love this line.

    Order definitely soothes me. When my routine is disrupted, it bugs me. I wonder if that means I’m part obsessive compulsive.

  5. Wow, you are probably the only person in the world who actually listened to the changing of the horoscopes and acted accordingly. Good on ya.
    I love organizing things, which includes a lot of OCD-type writing things down. Repeatedly. Funny thing is, I can get too caught up in the writing down to actually deal with what I need to do. Sort of what your day sounds like.

  6. The only way that I can survive the harsh conditions created by my husband and daughter is through Order. That’s why I am constantly on the move…Order must be put first and foremost so that I can function.

    Most soothing is cleaning my closet. I also enjoy making sure any and all creases are out of my duvet.

  7. Lists and planning definitely make me feel calmer. Obviously I am soothed by a (usually false) sense of control. Strangely, though, cleaning doesn’t necessarily provide the same level of stress-reduction as managing my schedule does.

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