Screen Testing Lavender

Most important order of business: Marcus is home!  He’s was off on a business trip for the past few days, so I got to fill my time with the following fabulous activities:

  • Watching Something Borrowed, which in case you were wondering most depressing movie ever because there really isn’t a “winner.”
  • Doing a mini-marathon of 19 Kids and Counting…Am I the only one wondering when they’re going to announce the next Duggar engagement?  Because I’m really rooting for Jana.
  • Feasting it out on single girl food (like monstrous salads and sweet potato fries for dinner) and doing dinner with my parents.

I very much prefer having Marcus around versus not.  But sometimes, it’s really nice to be able to just…do all of the things without worrying about whether or not another human being would find the activity to be tolerable, much less enjoyable.

We have all been in that place, no?

About a week or two ago, I came to terms with the fact that I am officially pale.

Ironically, this did not happen while we were in California, but about a week after the fact when I saw a snap of yours truly out with The Runners.

But today it just seemed…worse than usual.

I didn’t know one could get pale-er.

Yes, I agree.  A belt would have been a welcome addition.  Which I realized when I was sourcing the day’s first mug of tea.

Hindsight.  20/20.

Back to the pale-ness.  I kind of wonder if it might have to do with the sweater.  I don’t know the last time I wore lavender.  Lavender and slate?  Probably hasn’t happened ever.  But Ann Taylor was having a great Valentine’s Day sale and after snapping up two of these last year (in black and pink), I knew I couldn’t go wrong by adding a few more colors to my repertoire.

I mean, I’m sorry, but why would you pay $78 when you can get it for $29?  HONESTLY.

Can we all agree that sale shopping is cathartic?  I’m fairly certain that if we still lived in a hunter-gatherer society, wool would be my prey.

Back to the matter at hand, considering the fact that I absolutely despised cardigans as a pup, It’s actually kind of astonishing to see how many I’ve managed to amass.

In case you were wondering, between my open cardigans and those with buttons, I possess 22.

It’s best if you don’t spend too much time thinking about that number.

To answer your question, yes I wear them and love them all.

Meanwhile, a co-worker tried to re-assure me that yes, lavender was my color.  Since I already own the sweater, it’s not as if it will disappear from my wardrobe.

What colors wash you out?

How many cardigans do you own?  Guesstimates are welcome.


10 responses to “Screen Testing Lavender

  1. OMG. So much win in this post. It calls for a numbered list:
    1. Yes, when Jay is gone, I like doing all the “for 1” things, like making MY favorite healthy foods and watching MY DVR crappy tv shoes. And then I am more than happy to compromise and welcome him back into loving arms.
    2. Ash has a great self-tanner/moisturizer. Note to self/note to Kat: Ask for the name/brand/info.
    3. I own probably 15-18? I love them. with scarves, with dress pants, over dresses, with jeans. Hell, I even like the causal ones with yoga pants to run errands. Yeah…. I said it.
    4. You look loverly in lavendar. Just sayin’. You can pull both the jewel and the pastels. Super jelly.
    5. Lastly, since your hair is “in transition” (is that fair to say?) it might play some tricky games with your skin. Stick it out, lady. All in the name of Beauty.

    Love, love.

  2. I have that EXACT SAME cardigan.
    That is all.

  3. i don’t know how many cardigans i have but it’s not nearly enough. not at all. i really like the whole outfit you have on in that photo though. i think this time of year is just the pits for white girls who live in wintery places. i’m pretty pale too.

    and something borrowed is one of the saddest movies ever. i’m not sure i ever want to watch it again… :\

  4. I own 8 cardigans. I used to own three times the amount but I had to scale back.

  5. I totally get you on the single girl dinners! When Dan is out of town, my favorite part of my day is the evening after Kate goes to bed. I make a giant crock pot full of chicken taco soup and top it with crumbled up Tostitos and cheese. And of course I eat it on the couch while watching Bachelor!

    I hear you on Something Borrowed. I wanted to like it. But, just, no.

    Oh, cardigans, I own…at least 15…I am a sucker for those patterned/embellished ones a la Old Navy and Target.

  6. I would guess the fluorescent lighting is the most likely culprit of dissatisfying skin tone. And even if you are pale, pale is the new “in” skin tone. Haven’t you heard?

    On cardigans, I may have about five. I would like more but have a closet the size of a shoe box…and Husband is always complaining about how many clothes I have, so consider yourself blessed.

  7. You look lovely, pale or not….and that outfit is flippin’ adorable!

    I do not wear red…it just does not suit me. I gravitate towards browns, grays, and neutrals. I swear that I have 4 neutral, light-brown cardigans….it’s a sickness.

  8. Cardigans are amazing in my book. Throw on a dress, cardigan and tights and you’re good to go. I think I have 10? Maybe. Some are borrowed though.
    The cardigan you have on is such a pretty color, rock it!
    As for the pale, everyone is dealing with that right now. I was in a Zumba class, and I looked in the mirror to see what might have been a ghost. Didn’t I have color in my skin a few months ago? Why did it have to go?

  9. I love cardigans too, although I don’t own 22 of them!
    When Andrew’s out of town, I get lazy with meals. I usually make something really easy for myself and the girls, or something that he doesn’t like.
    BTW, I think you look great in lavender.

  10. Fact: no matter the number of cardigans, it is never enough. I am on constant watch for vintage cardis with beading or some cool-but-not-old-lady embellishments. When BS is out of town, they boys cheer because that usually means Breakfast for Dinner. (BS is not a fan.)

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