Daily Archives: 02.19.2012

A Surprising Addition

Happy Sunday, kittens!

This morning, I hopped into the shower after my long run and proceeded to attempt to steam myself like a lobster.

Please tell me that you do that after your Winter runs as well.  Because that makes me feel justified in my attempts to fully drain the contents of our water heater.

In the midst of deep conditioning, I spied this.

No, the fact that Marcus uses shampoo was not surprising to me.

I was surprised by the addition of a bottle of Head & Shoulders: Hair Endurance for Men.

You know, because it “cleans to restore fullness to thinning hair.”

Well, then.

I’m only 24, which is to say that I’m not old at all.

But Marcus is pushing 29.  He’s not really old either.  But I get that hair loss is something that…happens to men.  I just didn’t expect that I would be confronting this issue with my husband so soon.

Like 20 years from now?  Fine.

But knowing how emotional I get about the issue of what color my hair should be right now, I can’t imagine trying to walk Marcus through the process of deciding whether or not to keep some hair or to banish it all.  How to decide when his hair has thinned out to the point where we have to make a decision.

Not cool, Universe.  Not cool.

So naturally, I tiptoed around on eggshells for the entirety of the day, trying to find the “right” time to bring it up.  All the while trying to figure out if Marcus should see some sort of hormonal specialist, or start taking pre-natal vitamins (like the ladies who take them to improve upon their hair and nails).

Yes, seriously.  This was me.

Until finally we were doing some pre-dinner craft beer time (Brooklyn Brewery Monster Ale for him, New Glarus Uff-da Bock for her) and I spilled the beans about my discovery.

Marcus listened to me with a most concerned expression on his face and then, he broke the news to me.

Apparently he didn’t even realize that he had purchased the Hair Endurance bottle.  It just happened to be the 2 in 1 kind that he prefers and it was on sale.

Oh, the relief.  These ears have never heard a sweeter sound.

At which point, I asked Marcus if I could blog about The Incident and the following conversation ensued:

Marcus: Is this the sort of thing where you blog about me not actually losing my hair and everyone else interprets that to mean that I secretly am?

Me: No.

But seriously, all of his hair is still there, and he is not taking pre-natal vitamins either.  Amen.

When is the last time you made an awkward discovery in your home?

p.s. I apologize about the shenanigans going on with my blog layout – I’m in the middle of working on some development stuff.  Will keep you posted!