Daily Archives: 02.15.2012

The kind of day…

After reading Sarah’s Manifesto today, I’m feeling a little bit inspired by her.  This may not be my Manifesto, but today was the kind of day that was VERY Manifesto.

The kind of day…

Today was the kind of day where I took joy in my breakfast, as if the combination were completely new to me.  Instead of the reality – that it’s one of the Stalwarts in my rotation that I have been chowing down on for nearly two weeks straight.

Today was the kind of day where I wore polka dots to work, because they’re cheerful.  Even though sometimes I worry that other people interpret that cheerfulness as youthfulness.  My polka dots are my own.

Today was the kind of day where a co-worker complimented me on my typing speed and asked me where I honed that, as if Taking Dictation was my True Calling or something of the like.  May the record show that Taking Dictation is NOT my True Calling.  But, Kat the Blogger smiled inside because this is part and parcel of our work.  Kat the co-worker extolled the virtues of teaching keyboarding as a skill in elementary school.

Or something like that.

Today was the kind of day where I connected with girlfriends six ways from seven to get their lovely faces on my calendar.  Because even though I’m now afraid that I will never have a free moment ever again, I would much rather fill my life with people who fulfill me than the activities and things that do not.

Today was the kind of day where the moment I stepped outside for my run, the “Wintery Mix” cleared up.  Where speed could happen and clarity came.  Where I finished thinking This Is Possible.  Where I finished wondering what is possible.

Tonight was the kind of night where instead of Sticking To The Meal Plan, I cooked my heart’s desire.  Which, as luck would have it, was already 100% present in our pantry.  And thankfully, could be Marcus’ heart’s desire as well.

Tonight was the kind of night where I wanted to play  FroYo Place in my own house.  Where I broke up the remainder of yesterday’s 70% cacao bar of dark chocolate and stirred it into the Greek yogurt before freezing it instead of after the fact.  See?  I’m catching on.  Where I threw in a pinch of shredded coconut, a dollop of cherry jam and a hearty helping of sprinkles.  Because even though it was totally unlike the Cherry Blossom Sundae I used to LOVE ordering at Culver’s, it was still kind of the same.

Tonight was the kind of night that needed to end wrapped with Too Fancy For The Man Cave throw blankets and a need to tuck oneself into bed far earlier than Past Kat ever would have tolerated.  You can take the girl out of the nest, but you can’t take the nest out of the girl.

Tell me about your kind of day.

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