Daily Archives: 02.14.2012

Growing on Me

This morning: I woke up and threw on some ruffles and a pink cardigan.  Because if nothing else is certain on this day dedicated to hearts and happiness, it’s the obligation to cover one’s person in red or pink raiment.

I can’t always remember what I’ve discussed on The Blog versus what I haven’t discussed on The Blog.

So today, these.

When we started dating, I told Marcus that I don’t love long-stemmed roses (though in all truthfulness, I love short-stemmed roses).

He interpreted this to mean that tulips were my favorite flower.  So for more Valentine’s Days and birthdays than I can count, I’ve had tulips.  And they really are quite nice.

The bouquets are always extremely full and no one else in the office ever gets them.  Win and win.

Without trying to be pun-y, they’ve grown on me.

As far as gifts are concerned, we didn’t exactly Go Big this year.

Rather, I sourced a few cookbooks that I’ve been coveting for awhile.  Marcus had no objections, because Lord knows we love to eat in this house and we’re always looking for new inspiration.

I feel like the fact that I got an Indian Cookbook doesn’t come as a surprise.  But Tex Mex?

I had a moment where I saw the light and realized that (like our foray into Indian) if we were buying cheap tacos like they were going out of style, I should probably learn how to make those and the rest of their kin.  Maybe to save some money and maybe just to know.

Time will tell.

And for dinner, we actioned a dish from From Mom with love… Because coming off of the craft beer-dive adventure we went on last weekend, we wanted to do something more low-key (if that’s even possible).  In all honesty it was delicious, tested the outer-limits of our spice tolerance and you’ll get to hear all about it on Friday.

All is well.

How did you spend your Valentine’s Day?

Are you a red/pink-wearer?

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