Ravennas: A Love Story

Most people aren’t possessed enough to do a photo shoot of their running shoes.  But then again, most people aren’t me.

Marcus just gave thanks for the fact that I decided to abandon the initial idea of putting them on, and that I was the one who ended up laying on the floor, shooting them at their level.

And since Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, it kind of feels like Now Is The Time to Make Declarations.

Since I got fitted in July-ish of 2010, I’ve been running in Brooks Ravennas.  And this weekend, I bought pair number eight.  After doing some light mileage-math, I came to terms with the fact that I’ll be sourcing another three pairs for training and racing before the year is out.

Like I’ve said so many times before, getting fitted for them on that fateful summer day was like being reunited with the pair of hooves I should have been born with.  So, I source them with joy.

It’s a legit love story.

I’ve kept two pairs for my permanent collection – the shoes I finished my first half-marathon in (Red), and the shoes I finished my first marathon in (Purple).

Maybe I shouldn’t be so emotionally attached to Things, but I just feel like if I was ever going to save the shoes that carried me, these would be the pairs.  So they’re nestled away in a part of my closet that doesn’t see the light of day unless I choose to look there.

They released the Ravenna 3s a few weeks ago.  And after trying them on post-Run Club, I was completely obsessed.

I’ll stand-by the fact that I’ve never found an area where Brooks has needed to improve them.  I would have been happy running in my original pair for the rest of my life.

But we all know that’s just not how the world works.  And slipping this most recent pair on?  I felt like we had finally made it.  My feet were home.

Runners: Have you stayed in the same shoe or have you switched? 

What are you wearing?

Unrelated, but really important: Cake Week starts today.  AND it’s a link-up, so if you decide to action some baking, PLEASE join in!  Make sure to check out what Kirsten whipped up.  Two words: Raspberries and Buttercream.  It is love on a plate.

15 responses to “Ravennas: A Love Story

  1. Oh girl, I saved my first pair of running shoes for a good year after I stopped running in them- and I had used them for over 7 years! They were the shoes I wore when I first started running, so I was really attached to them. I would have kept them but my mom straight up tossed them in the garbage can 😦

  2. I am not brand loyal as yet. My last pair (honestly wasn’t “into” running enough before those to remember) were Nike Air Pegasus, which I liked just fine. Now I’m in Saucony, and I like them as well. I think I’ll “shop around” for a little while, but I really love the store where I got this Saucony pair – I’m definitely going back when I need a new pair. They also recycle/donate shoes, so I no longer have the Pegasi. I get a discount, which is great, but someone who needs shoes gets a pair, which is even better. I think I have a few months before I need to start thinking about new kicks for these overpronaters. Now…we need to discuss compression.

  3. I have 4 pairs of running shoes. One very dirty set of red Under Armour trail shoes. For normal everyday running, I have another pair of Under Armours (Orange). For tredmill work I have a cheap pair of adidas shoes that I keep in the upstairs closet, near the tredmill. I don’t generally run outside in these shoes as they suck.

    For racing, I have a pair of K-Swiss shoes. They are bright orange, very light and fun. They aren’t designed to last more than 400 miles, so I only use them to race in.

    Funny thing is, I have been wearing the same make and model of tennis shoe for the last 30+ years. Only once have I bought another pair of everyday running around shoes. And they say men can’t commit.

  4. I think this post was for me because do you know I’ve never owned a good pair of running shoes? I don’t race, I just run for exercise but I am getting fitted for sure. I have a problem where my feet are in between sizes. I struggle a bit with this. I’m glad I saw this post, I’m going to start looking into this ASAP.

    I think it’s great that you keep your shoes as a keep sake, if you will, to have as a triumphant reminder. I would if I ran these amazing races.

    Wow, I’m seeing the comment above me, that’s some serious business! A running shoe for every occasion. I just need a pair that fits, thanks for pointing me in the right direction!


  5. I have a pair of Mizuno Wave Precision 11’s, which is a lighter model of my last two pairs Mizuno Waves. Once I was fitted with Mizunos a couple years ago, I have no intention of switching brands, so I can relate to your post.

  6. I go through sneakers super fast, and I’m always on the look out for a good shoe recommendation. I will definitely check these out the next time I need a new pair.
    You know those shoes that have space for individual toes? Do you think you’ll ever race wearing those? Part of me thinks theres something to those shoes. And the other part of me thinks it is an injury waiting to happen!

    I totally get why you hang onto those shoes. Totally understandable. They are a relic!

  7. I can’t say enough about getting properly fitted for a running shoe. I tried for years to run regularly in name brand shoes that I picked up on super clearance at department stores, and I always ended up injured. Not until I got a proper fitting from a running store did I learn that all name brand running shoes make “lesser” quality shoes for sale for less $$ elsewhere. Eye. Opening. Now my feet run happily (knock-on-wood) injury free in New Balance 1064s (now the 1080s).

  8. Good thing those shoes come in so many great colors. I just bought a pair of something or others (can’t remember)…because they are “Structured.” I tend to pronate in so I like lots of arch support. But they seem so heavy. Considering getting some of those light weight numbers they are coming out with now, but they are the opposite of Structured. Sigh. Shoe drama. Happy Valentines Day!

  9. Love your pics! You should frame them, I think that they are art at its finest 🙂

    I run in asics…have since the beginning. I am in like with them, but I am not sure if it is true love. I might break it off and see what other fish, err shoes, are out there.

  10. somehow i always wonder if there are better shoes out there, even though i love the first pair i got that really work for me. i love my asics but i also just bought a pair of newtons to try. i hope i like them as much as you love your shoes!

  11. Finally got my butt fitted out at Gear West last month with a gait analysis and was put in Asics Gel Cumulus 13. This is the first month I’ve run injury-free in almost a year. I think it’s safe to say I’m IN LOVE and will be sticking with them until I can’t anymore.

  12. This post obviously spoke to me. I’ve made my way thru the Saucony range as my feet have changed shape. I’m a Guide wearer now, and have been for the last year or so. I think I have finally found a “home” in those — and I LOVE that you call it that.

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