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Ravennas: A Love Story

Most people aren’t possessed enough to do a photo shoot of their running shoes.  But then again, most people aren’t me.

Marcus just gave thanks for the fact that I decided to abandon the initial idea of putting them on, and that I was the one who ended up laying on the floor, shooting them at their level.

And since Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, it kind of feels like Now Is The Time to Make Declarations.

Since I got fitted in July-ish of 2010, I’ve been running in Brooks Ravennas.  And this weekend, I bought pair number eight.  After doing some light mileage-math, I came to terms with the fact that I’ll be sourcing another three pairs for training and racing before the year is out.

Like I’ve said so many times before, getting fitted for them on that fateful summer day was like being reunited with the pair of hooves I should have been born with.  So, I source them with joy.

It’s a legit love story.

I’ve kept two pairs for my permanent collection – the shoes I finished my first half-marathon in (Red), and the shoes I finished my first marathon in (Purple).

Maybe I shouldn’t be so emotionally attached to Things, but I just feel like if I was ever going to save the shoes that carried me, these would be the pairs.  So they’re nestled away in a part of my closet that doesn’t see the light of day unless I choose to look there.

They released the Ravenna 3s a few weeks ago.  And after trying them on post-Run Club, I was completely obsessed.

I’ll stand-by the fact that I’ve never found an area where Brooks has needed to improve them.  I would have been happy running in my original pair for the rest of my life.

But we all know that’s just not how the world works.  And slipping this most recent pair on?  I felt like we had finally made it.  My feet were home.

Runners: Have you stayed in the same shoe or have you switched? 

What are you wearing?

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