Many Titles

Things I will remember this weekend as:

  • The Weekend of The Cheap Date x 2
  • The Weekend Where I Embraced Bulleted Lists
  • The Weekend Where I Got At Least Eight Hours of Sleep Two Nights in a Row
  • The Weekend Where I Actioned a Massive To Do List-Worth of Activity in The Span of Two Hours

I finished my run this morning to find out that we would be attending an impromptu brunch to celebrate the engagement of some close friends.

So I ate a mini-breakfast (homegirl has to eat), patched together a celebratory offering and we were off.

Not bad for two hours notice in a state with Blue Laws, right?  We’ll subtitle this one, Why You Should Always Have Some Champagne And Curling Ribbon Hanging Around.

By the time we got home from the party and our weekly grocery shopping extravaganza (where I found grapefruits at ALDI for $0.25/each…ridiculous), I only had a few hours to tackle my To Do List before we headed out to the #MNRunnerds Tweet-Up that Courtenay organized.

So I hustled while Marcus used the treadmill and before we knew it, we were at El Rodeo in Maple Grove.

Because if constructing a taco that’s near exploding off of your fajita platter isn’t an icebreaker, I just don’t know what is.  We took advantage of the 2-for-1s on margaritas, which was kind of ironic because I just dumped the remainder of an ancient bottle of margarita mix down the sink today.  But who is keeping track, really?

Everyone laughed, tore into the baskets of chips with homemade salsa (it was that sort of place) and we agreed that we should gather again.

To round out the night, Billy and I exchanged pictures of The Tiny Fang.  Because exchanging pictures of your cat that permanently resides at your parents house at 8 PM on  Sunday night is the height of cool.  It’s all about honesty tonight, kittens.

We are not ashamed.



If you don’t get him while he’s down, he’s impossible.  In a The Camera Will Steal My Soul-sort of way.

What did you do to enjoy your lazy Sunday?

8 responses to “Many Titles

  1. Wow! Impressive.

    What are you going to do on Monday?

  2. Mine was not a lazy Sunday. I zumba-ed, I groceried (yes, it’s a word), and then I jazzed – while listening to my dad’s jazz and blues band at Famous Daves. Finally, I grammy-ed. (okay, I made that one up). I’m looking forward to getting back into my weekly routine. No joke.

  3. Mmm….I loooove going out for Mexican. Warm, crisp chips and just like homemade salsa? Yes, please! Your Sunday sounds wonderful, I wish I could hang out with you and discuss drug store make up, yoga, and nautical stripes while eating oatmeal raisin cookies!

  4. Ah, shucks. I tackled my own to-do list as well. Basically bulletted lists are my Status Quot for daily operation. Without them, I might cease to exist. As in: poof to another universe.

  5. Super fun meeting you & Marcus yesterday! Mexican food is the ultimate icebreaker. So is karaoke…

  6. Grapefruits for 25 cents in Minnesota? Awesome. They are 2 for a dollar here in Ca. Love the cat pics. I am slightly obsessed with my little dog and he with me, we’re needy like that.

  7. Busy day! It’s more fun when things are eventful though.
    Oh, and the little things that add detail like a curled ribbon are always so nice.
    I studied for a midterm that I probably failed today. Yeah…All I have to say is that I’m glad we have two other big tests, and the lowest one is dropped.

  8. Was WICKED awesome to meet you and see you from a distance at the end of the table! 😉 Next time we’ll have to actually chat AT KARAOKE!! 🙂

    El Rodeo is the freaking bomb and I’m thinking this might have to be a regular hang out for the #MNRunnerds!

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