Daily Archives: 02.11.2012

A Bit of Baking

Today, I decided to action some baking.  Because The Holidays are long behind us and baking is Hardcore Soothing.

I know, I know.  How we came from the place where baking was anxiety-inducing to here and now, I will never understand.

I actioned the Chewy Chocolate-Raspberry Cookies from Veganomicon.  I was into the recipe for the following reasons:

  • I LOVE the chocolate-raspberry combination.
  • I’ve never attempted Vegan Baking.
  • I’ve never baked a chocolate cookie.
  • This recipe didn’t include any Faux-substitutes in the place of eggs/butter/milk.  Labeling something as Vegan doesn’t make it okay to bake with un-butter.

Most important order of business, does anyone else have a baking sheet that they would describe as being Seasoned?

Because obviously I do.  I think it can officially be classified as one of my Stalwarts.

I shouldn’t have been surprised about the fact that the Baking Cocoa that has been hanging out in my pantry for the last year still had the original seal on it.  But it did, so I got to deal with that.

It was just time, right?

The actual mixing and what-have-you was a relatively quick process.  I got to use the better part of a jar of Raspberry All-Fruit Spread that had been languishing in my fridge.  Which, retrospectively, I am beginning to suspect that this recipe would do just as well with Orange Marmalade.  You know, in the way that would evoke the Chocolate Oranges of Christmastime.

Let’s all remember that, no?

In addition I was directed to layer-in some vanilla and almond extracts as well.  Almond Extract: Also on the list of things in my pantry that still had the seal on it until this afternoon.

We were just breaking down barriers left and right in the kitchen today.

The finished product.  Look.

After eating one, I can completely see how having these with some ice cream would be completely delightful.  They’re very chewy and the combination of raspberry-vanilla-almond works together in a way that suggests all three of them and none of them at the same time.

Marcus?  Pronounced them very good for a Vegan cookie.


Have you ever tried Vegan baking?

What’s hiding untouched in your pantry?