Daily Archives: 02.09.2012

On Home Improvement

Naturally, I totally neglected to answer my own question.  I’m a Vanilla girl when it comes to The Soft-Serve Machine.  I like to think it does a better job of showcasing the sprinkles.  Unless I’m ordering a Blizzard with some sort of cookie pieces involved.  In which case, I may or may not Embrace Gluttony and order a Double Oreo Blizzard made with Chocolate.

It’s never a straight answer.

Kittens, it’s February.

Like, when did that happen?

I mean, yes, I wholeheartedly embrace the natural movement of time and get that it should be February.  I just don’t understand how we went from waking up on New Year’s Day to finding ourselves in this place.

That it’s February leaves me cringing at the fact that all of the house projects I wanted to accomplish after the wedding?  Have been at a standstill in every sense of the word.

We’ve been living without nightstands for four months.  The second bedroom (AKA Marcus’ Closet That Should Be An Office) is still wholly unorganized in a way that things shouldn’t be when Adults Are Present.

I mean, we’ve had the better part of two years to get things fixed up.  There is the small fact that with our old bed, we didn’t need nightstands, but that’s missing the point.

So this week, I put those things on my To Do list.  The nightstands and the second bedroom.

Because it would be nice to have somewhere to rest my cell phone as it charges at night.  To have a place to plant some extra lights in the room.  Not just to brighten things up, but to add some sort of aesthetic touch.  Hell, we even have the lamps and shades.

Because the Too Big For The Room desk in our office has never been used for its intended purpose.  It just stands there as a holding pen for clutter that we don’t need in our lives.  And as a result, half of the room goes unused.  Which is comical when you only have two bedrooms to begin with.

Because it’s officially That Boring Part of winter where it’s Not Spring Yet, but we’re still along for the ride.   By the time that the leaves are on the trees, we will have nightstands and we will have reclaimed our second bedroom.

What projects do you need to cross off of your long-term To Do List?