Daily Archives: 02.06.2012

Run More

It’s Healthy Living Resolution time.  Again.  Because it’s Monday and I’m a fan of routine.

Today?  #5 Run more.

Last year I raced three times.  Two races were planned, and one race was a last-minute decision.

I know that compared to Earth’s population, that’s a lot of racing.  But when I compare that number to other runners, it doesn’t seem like very much racing.

Actually?  It looks kind of skimpy.

I don’t regret holding back last year.  I was getting married and I wanted to focus very literally ALL of my efforts on training for my first marathon.  I would do it again that way in a heartbeat.

This year, I’m not training for my first marathon.  I’m not getting married.  It’s very simple: I want to race more.

To that end, I’m registered for two half-marathons and two-marathons.  Because I want to cross more finish lines and because I want to test the limits of what this body of mine can do.  I want to know exactly what is possible.  I want to know what I can write into my reality.

But it’s not just about the racing.  Running More has numbers to back it up.

In January, I logged 171 miles.

171 miles is absolutely insane when you take a moment to consider the fact that the highest mileage I’ve EVER logged in a month is 178.  That was last August, at the peak of my training, before the sturm und drang-situation with my right leg.

Only this time, I’m still up and running.

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January’s miles have a lot to do with the fact that I made the decision to run on vacation.  That for a brief period of time, it looked like I would be going down to Texas at the end of March to run between17-25 miles in the Texas Independence Relay.  That I decided to take the first four weeks of my marathon training plan for a test-run before I actually have to start it For Real on February 13th.

I was sort-of training.

Did I mention that I’m still Run Streaking?  Because there’s that too.  I’ve run at least a mile every day since November 22nd.  No one is more surprised than I am that I’ve stuck with that one for as long as I have.

And, I’m running with people.  My friends know that I’m a notorious cat runner (solo artist).  I like being able to put on my shoes and just…go.  To walk out the front door and just go.

But I feel like if you don’t actually run with people, then you’re missing out on a huge part (and the part that many love the most!) of the running community.

So I’ve gone from running with no people at all to running with all of the people I can find.  I run with my Clinic Participants.  I run with my runner friends.  I run with complete strangers who show up at our Run Club meetings.

I would be lying if I said it wasn’t strange to make the transition from Ke$ha belting in my ear while I haul tail, to discussing waterskiing (which I know nothing about) and self-soothing newborns with a girl I had only met five minutes earlier.  Did I mention that I was desperately trying to keep up with her?  Because there was that too.

But that’s just part and parcel of the experience.

I think it’s safe to say that I am, in every sense of the word, running more.

Are you involved in any recreational sports/clubs?

Have you ever participated in a run streak?

Are you a cat runner or a dog runner?