Daily Archives: 02.05.2012

Zen Day

When I rolled out of bed this morning, the only thing I had on my agenda was a 6 mile run with the Run Club at The Running Room.

How out of the ordinary, I know.

But that’s all I really wanted on my schedule, and that’s all I really thought I was in the mood to handle.

If the answer to a week of vacation is a manic, seven-day race to the bottom, then I thought that I owed it to myself to enjoy a day where I had literally no expectations for myself or the world.

So I ran.  With lots of people, actually.  Which was different since if I’ve run with others before it has been one other.  Not many others.  But that was good.  Because running with lots of people is an effective way to kill off whatever expectations you attempted to set for yourself.

As it turns out, expectations were exactly what I was trying to kill off.

After returning home to enjoy my favorite weekend ritual of a long, post-run shower with a deep conditioning treatment, I needed to eat.

Where eating at home is concerned, Sunday lunch is ALWAYS a challenge in our house.

Usually we’ve managed to eat all of our leftovers, and I haven’t started cooking anything for the new week.  Like, say, dinner.  Some days we’re in the mood to forage (he usually ends up eating soup, I usually end up eating a second breakfast) and other days, it’s just easier/more relaxing to grab something.

Because some days you just don’t want to be The Decider.

Today, the fridge was empty and I had a non-specific craving for…food.  So after I downed a grapefruit (this has replaced Blood Oranges as my latest love), I suggested that we head out to the Midtown Global Market.

It’s a favorite weekend lunch spot because we can eat in the same place without having to commit to eating the same thing.  Today was no different.

We found a Camel Burger for him.

Do you love the plating?  Because I almost died of laughter when he lifted up the top of the bun like so.  For the record, it was meant to showcase the surprise slice of pineapple within.

And a plate of tacos for her.

They were disappointing shadows of the glory we tasted out in California.  Not that I was really surprised by that.

What is love?  Ordering the combination platter so that your husband can eat your rice and beans instead of the crappy fries that came with his sandwich.

Once we got back home, the rest of the day was dedicated to drinking tea, reading The China Study and watching Valentine’s Day.  And Marcus headed off to a Superbowl Party on the other side of the city.

Yes, I realize that of all of the things in the world I could have picked to entertain myself with, I chose two things that rest at polar-opposite ends of the scale.

Who says you have to choose between Hollywood and legitimate research?

To that end, I’m comfortable saying that even though Valentine’s Day is ridiculously cheesy, it might be one of my favorite chick flicks.  No, I don’t have a favorite part.  But I think they did an 11/10 job of creating loveable characters.

On the other hand, The China Study is mind-blowing (in a preach it to the choir-sort of way) and will probably get a post all its own when I’m done with it.  I’m so glad I finally got it from the Library.  I can’t even remember when I put my name on the Holds List for it, to be totally honest.

Football was just not part of the Superbowl Sunday equation for me this year.

What’s one cheesy movie you’re embarrassed to admit you love?

How often do you look at your refrigerator and find that there’s tons of food in there but nothing “to eat?”

Have you ever eaten Camel?  What’s the most exotic meat you’ve tried?