Daily Archives: 02.01.2012

One Love.

I can’t tell y’all about the project I’m working on that required me to purchase this jumbo-tub of sprinkles quite yet.

But when I walked down the baking aisle at the grocery store this evening, I was 11/10 excited that I finally had a valid reason to walk out of the store with it.

What I can tell you?

I LOVE sprinkles.

As in, if they were a legit-food, I would make them my favorite.

When I’m sourcing fro yo, the top on the sprinkle container?  The one that’s supposed to save you from a sprinkle-disaster?  Is usually too limiting.  On one visit I had the cashier say, Uh, you can just take the lid off and pour if you want.


One summer when I worked at camp, my secret counselor-buddy gave them to me as a gift.

And I distinctively remember my mother tossing them into my oatmeal when I was a pup to incent me to eat.

On second thought, I can’t think of a compelling reason for why I’m not throwing them in my oatmeal now.

She’s a clever woman.

That this container actually has a nutrition label is off-putting.  Previously, they fell into the category of Delicious Things Of Unknown Caloric Value (like Candy Corn…and I swear to God if anyone ruins that one for me, you will be disowned).

But I can take it.

Because like peanut butter from the jar, a spoonful of sprinkles here and there is The Best Medicine.

What’s your shameful faux-favorite food?