Daily Archives: 01.31.2012

Ending the Ban

At midnight tonight, the shopping ban is officially over.  And now that I can shop?  I don’t really have the urge to.

I can’t say that living with the same wardrobe for the past two months has inspired me to purge any pieces.  Or drastically rehabilitate my style.

I pretty much still love all of it.

Which is good, I guess.  The idea of “paring things down” sounded appealing in that Edgy People Who Own All Black Capsule Wardrobes-sort of way.  But we all know I’m not the girl who lives that way.

But I am able to recognize which pieces I bought because I really loved them and which pieces I bought because I had “nothing” to wear.  You know, wardrobe fatigue.  We all suffer from it.  Some of us (moi) more than others.  Which is part of what I wanted to curb through this.

I did cheat once.  Because they were the two things that were so freakishly cheap, I couldn’t pass them up.

Y’all know I love me a good Rue La La Lilly Pulitzer Flash Sale.

Resort Wear is my kryptonite.

But going into it, I visualized.  I thought about the very specific-sort of things I would be willing to bring into my closet.  Which gave me permission to walk away if those “deals” weren’t there.

My haul?

Just call it Country Club Cammoflauge.

While I was hanging these two in the closet, I discovered a dress that I snagged at the Banana Republic outlet on Black Friday for like…$6.  No, seriously.  It was an extremely pleasant surprise.  Both buying it AND re-discovering it.

That I’m still “finding” things in my closet I didn’t know I owned means I can probably drag this experiment out a little longer while I wait for that personal style-epiphany to strike.

How often do you buy things because you don’t have anything to wear?

When is the last time your personal style shifted drastically?