Totally Unplanned

Kittens, before Galina’s bachelorette party in Madison, I had never taken my running shoes with me on vacation.

And yet, on this trip, I’m so very glad I did.  Because at the beginning of the day, there are so many things happening that you can’t just pay to see.

The mustard in full bloom as the sun rises.


The majesty of the Eucalyptus.


And to be able to witness the launch of three hot air balloons on a chilly morning.


These aren’t things you can just “plan.”

You know?

What is the most beautiful unplanned sight you’ve seen on vacation?

5 responses to “Totally Unplanned

  1. Love those pictures. Sounds like an absolutely AMAZING vacay.

  2. Very cool. I love vacation jogging, especially when the roads are nice and flat. But I am lazy that way. Safe travels!

  3. One time, in Costa Rica, we drove up into a mountain and ended up in something called a “cloud city.” Literally, we were in a cloud. It was an odd, light fog and it felt like tiny particles of rain on your skin, but it was pleasant in the hot weather. The conditions made flowers grow like crazy, so the added bonus was this amazing garden, surrounded by cloud.

  4. I could just kick myself for not taking my running shoes with me on so many vacations. I really think it’s the best way to see a new city!

  5. Running on vacation gives you such a great chance to explore unassuming places. Good call. My favorite unexpected sight on vacation was the miles of rolling mustard fields in Denmark. The mustard was in full bloom, making the countryside look like huge yellow waves.

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