Daily Archives: 01.25.2012

Off The Grid Again

So, as per the usual, we’ve left without a trace.

This year, instead of escaping to the Caribbean, we decided that a vacation to Napa was in-order.  The last time I visited was my Freshman (?) year of college when Mom had  a business trip in Sacramento over spring break.  I talked her into bringing me with for a girl-adventure and we ended up spending a couple of nights in wine country as well.  It was just lovely.

Exhibit A.

The Old Faithful Geyser of California.

When Marcus and I were looking for places to stay, I REALLY wanted to find a B&B-type arrangement that would allow us to experience the countryside more personally and relax.  You know, since the Honeymoon was go-go-go.

Fact: When I’m going on excellent adventures, I like to feel like I’m really there, culturally.

Anyway, in exchange for three nights’ stay at the cottages, I swore up and down that I would go off the grid while we were on vacation.  Since this is the first time in a long while ever that we’ve vacationed in the continental U.S.  I don’t think the cabin counts.  I also promised that I wouldn’t tell anyone where we were staying until we weren’t in Minnesota anymore.

So this is me.  Going off the grid.  Putting my phone on airplane mode.

Obviously, I’ve arranged for an appropriate amount of entertainment in my absence.

Translation: Y’all might get a few peeks of wine country here and there.  The idea of back-blogging a ton or arranging for guest posters just wasn’t doing it for me this go-round.

What you need to know: If you don’t hear from me by Monday, call for help.

The place that we’re staying delivers freshly made pastries to your doorstep (we are staying in a for real cottage) from Bouchon for breakfast every morning and s’more making supplies at night.  Because we also have our own personal fire pit.  And heated tile floors.  And a jacuzzi tub.  Which for the girl who is allergic to chlorine, is the promise of heaven.

So maybe, if you don’t hear from me by Monday, don’t call for help.

Have you ever visited Napa?  What were your favorite vineyards/restaurants?

Not gonna lie, I will be checking the comments on this post tomorrow so that we can add some of these places to our list of Things To Do!  Please share!