Daily Archives: 01.23.2012

Train to Minimize Injury

I hope y’all are ready for another round of workshopping on my Healthy Living Resolutions.

This week’s focus?  #4 Train to Minimize Injury.

It’s quite possibly the most obvious of my resolutions, which in a lot of ways, makes it more challenging.

I think we can all agree that emotionally (and physically), I can’t handle another debacle like The Marathon That Almost Wasn’t.  Considering the amount of ugly crying and make-up ruining that took place, I’m willing to do basically anything in order to make sure that situation does not repeat itself.

But we all know that doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different end-result is the definition of insanity.

So.  What, then, am I doing differently?

I upped my yoga practice to five times per week.  Last winter, this would have seemed insane.  But my back, core and legs have been thanking me immensely.  Hip openers and I?  Have gotten extremely close.  Just ask Pigeon Pose.

I’ve kept-up with the power walking routine that I took up in September to kick-start my recovery.  Allegedly the intervals and inclines make it a fat-burning beast,  but I love it because it gives me a reason to move on the days where I really, really don’t need to.

I bought calf/shin compression sleeves.  Allegedly they “aid” in recovery and ward off shin splints.  So far, I feel like they’re fancy leg warmers that hide well beneath my work pants.  To their credit, I haven’t been cold at work since I started wearing them.

So, there’s that.  Because sometimes it’s not all about the running.  But sometimes it is.

I’ve spent the last month hemming and hawing, trying to figure out what training plans would be challenging, but manageable.   Because right now (though that window is very quickly closing), I have the luxury of time.

My final choice?

I’ll be using Hal Higdon’s Intermediate 2 plan for Grandma’s Marathon and then once I’m done with my recovery month, I’ll roll straight into the 12 week plan from Advanced Marathoning (Up to 55 Miles Per Week) to train for Twin Cities.

Partially because at that point I think I’ll be physically ready to handle that plan, and partially because by the time my recovery month is through, I’ll only have…12 weeks left.


What do you do to avoid injury when you’re working out?

Runners, what training plans have you used?