Daily Archives: 01.21.2012

Living and Loving

Conveniently, Jen’s One Breath, One Step event, was being held across the street from the store where I lead my running clinic.  So today post-class, I scampered across the street, did a little bit of listening (thanks, lady!)  as I sipped my Vanilla Black Tea and focused on actioning some post-run warming up.

Because after you’ve been out in the bitter cold, the only thing you can focus on is Making It Stop.  In my battle against the perma-chill, I’ve found that a dry pair of socks and a hot mug of tea are the things that make a world of difference.


After the event wrapped up, I made a Pilgrimage to the Whole Foods Salad Bar with some lovely ladies.

I met Annie and Erin at Ann’s birthday party last weekend.  I jokingly refer to Ann as my bouncer when it comes to meeting people from The Internet, because she knows SO many people.

In all seriousness, I left her party trying to figure out how I could see all of these people again.

Don’t you just love when you get that feeling?

So we had to kick-start the process of making it happen.  Conveniently, today was one of Those Days where everything just happened to come together.

And because no trip to the salad bar is really complete without a snap of the madness,  the goods.

In the mix: Curried Cauliflower, Garlic Broccoli and Roasted Tomatoes, Roasted Peppers/Tomatoes/Eggplant/Onions, Marinated Mushrooms.  Over chopped spring mix.  Naturally.

The curried cauliflower was by far the most delicious selection.  That curry and cauliflower go well together really shouldn’t come as a surprise.  But this was just so…beyond.  I will likely be spending the better part of the next month trying to re-create that arrangement.

What’s your go-to healthy meal spot?

Do you have a friend-bouncer?