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Friday Food Round-Up!

No, we’re not becoming vegetarians (see Thursday as proof).

It just so happens that as I was meal planning for the week (and cooking what I really wanted in a pinch), the chips largely fell on the side of no meat.

At the very least, we can rest assured that Michael Pollan and Mark Bittman would be proud.

Sunday – Creole Stuffed Peppers from Veganomicon

Truth: This is the first time I have ever successfully soaked and cooked beans from scratch.  So if for no other reason than the fact that I accomplished that, this recipe was worth it.

The reality is that while the pepper was extremely filling, it was also extremely…bland.

Which seems to be the case with every stuffed pepper that I try to action.  So I think that next time, I would double the amount of sauce and cut the amount of beans in half, just to give it that little extra “kick” of flavor.

Monday – Tomato Egg Cups from time for dinner

I wasn’t sure whether or not I would be making it home in-time for dinner, so I didn’t want to over-commit to a meal that was never going to be made.  Which is why I’ve been sitting on this recipe in my back pocket for the better part of a month now.

After Monday night, this one is officially on the backup-dinner rotation.  Because it’s easy-easy (I know I say this about a lot of things.  But really.  It’s easy).  It’s insanely cheap.  It takes half an hour from start to finish.

What was more novel?  The fact that we could dip our toast “soldiers” into the egg cups?  Or the fact that I made a dinner that involved two slices of bread per person for the first time in recent memory?

Our modification: I added a generous pinch of dried tarragon to the top of each egg before the dish went into the oven.  We will be doing this…every single time.

Wednesday – Mama Pea’s Chickpea Tacos and Kirsten’s Corn and Avocado Salad

This dinner is the perfect example of me documenting a meal on the blog, deciding to make it again, and actually listening to my intuition.

Which directed me to action some Corn Salad.  Because really, that’s never the wrong choice.

What really kills me about these tacos is that even though they’re vegan (until you doctor them up with cheese and greek yogurt like we do), Marcus and I devour them like they’re the only tacos we’ve ever known.  Just make sure that you only snarf them in front of a loved one because ohmigod they are an absolute mess!

Next time?  We’re doubling the recipe so that we can have some proper leftovers.

Thursday – Lemony Chicken with Potatoes & Gremolata from time for dinner with Roasted Broccoli

This is me getting on a soapbox.  Because when I make a meal like this and Marcus declares I want to eat the smell, it makes me incredibly sad that so many Americans refuse to cook.

The ingredients: Chicken Breast, Garlic, Lemons, Parsley, Onions, Potatoes, Chicken Broth, Salt, Pepper, Olive Oil.

I know, I’m as confused about the simplicity of the ingredients as you are.

But they’re cheap.  Accessible.  And in a half-hour, we ended up with a meal that I am still thinking about.  A meal that I’m adding to my list of dinner party-worthy foods because I can toss it on the stove and enjoy myself.

How often do you bake eggs for dinner?

What’s your favorite stuffed pepper recipe?