Daily Archives: 01.18.2012

Defend Your Vice

It’s Wednesday, and I’m wanting to curl up under a pile of blankets.  Neither of those things are related.  So it’s time for another prompt!

Defend your vice.


I jumped off of the Diet Coke bandwagon a little over two years ago.

I don’t think my daily coffee ritual is some sort of caffeinated sin.

I tend towards over-training and I don’t take rest days.

In my head, I feel like I live in extremes.  But on paper, it just doesn’t add up that way.

If anything, my life seems…extremely vanilla.

And what do vanilla people claim as their vice on every New Year’s Day and Ash Wednesday?


I suppose you could make a case for cursing or french fries, but let’s be serious.  It’s always sugar.

Just take my word for it.  And start asking when Lent rolls around.  But if someone tries to tell you that instead of giving something up, they’re taking something up?  Walk away.

Ironically, I never used to crave it.

When people would describe themselves as being addicted to chocolate or having a sweet tooth, I would roll my eyes and laugh.

And then I would cheerfully pipe in that I was more of a salty/crunchy girl myself.

Retrospectively, we call this Karma.

I say no to soda, because drinking calories outside of alcohol has never really been my thing.

But I think we can all agree that my love for eating frosting sans-cake is well documented.  Every birthday, every wedding.

So imagine my amusement when, over the past year, a rather startling development began to emerge.


I started out small.  A bar of chocolate here.  A bag of candy corn there.  Just a little something to have around.  To stave off the odd-craving or to offer a guest.

Because I don’t know about you, but the entertainer inside feels like if you’re going to have Not Family Members over to your place, you need to be able to offer them all of the things.

We can save the discussion of whether or not that’s a rational response to having Company another day.

I would make sure to finish my first treat before I sourced the next.

But, as I’m so fond of saying, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, He’s Going To Ask For A Glass Of Milk.

In addiction circles, they’re known as gateway drugs.

Now?  I’m pretty sure that this stocked shelf of mine qualifies as a full-on stash.

What’s your vice?