Winding Down

Tonight’s dinner with Eli was the perfect way to wind down after a whirlwind few days.  We’ve had to re-schedule this friend date of ours far too many times and for far too many reasons.  So when I saw her on my calendar for this week and knew that we were actually going to make it happen, I was as pleased as punch.

I love getting together with girlfriends on the weekends, but there’s something about catching-up after work over a glass of wine that just can’t be beat.  Probably because it forces you to slow down when everything else in your life is telling you to keep moving forward.

Because ladies’ nights, are by definition, meant to be peaceful,  we pilgrimaged to Toast in the Warehouse District.  Largely because it’s lovely, but also because it has been on our dinner date To Do list since October.

It just needed to happen.

Plus, how could you not be soothed by the sight of this?

I know.  I KNOW.

Be still my heart.  Y’all know that if there’s a charcuterie plate on the menu that’s priced even somewhat reasonably, I will always pick that first.

Even though I’m usually hesitant to label a specific food as my favorite (let’s be serious, I eat anything and everything), I’m completely comfortable saying that a lovely spread such as the one pictured above is My Favorite Food.

It’s the one meal where you can eat an entire dinner without having to commit to a full plate of one thing.  I’m not kidding when I say that I can’t remember the last time I ate a coherent meal outside of the house.  It’s always bits and pieces, here and there.  Dinners composed of the things I really want instead of the things that the kitchen happens to put on my plate.

And, most gloriously, it’s exactly the kind of meal that forces you to savor every bite.

Which fits perfectly with the theme of slowing down.

What’s your favorite dish to order when you’re out of the house?

Do you prefer to eat one-dish meals or do you pick at lots of different things?


6 responses to “Winding Down

  1. After the longest day in history I am eating Whole Foods sushi for dinner. It was all I could pick up after work. Normally though, I like to pick at lots of different things – it makes me feel far more satisfied!

    I need this day to slow down!

  2. That dish looks absolutely perfect! I am a total grazer, so that fits my personality perfectly. I’d much prefer to have little meals here and there throughout the day than anything gigantic. Much better for moderating my intake and making me feel happy instead of bloated.

  3. I love to make tasting plate style lunches and dinners because I get to have a bit of everything – win!

  4. I love too nibble! I would rather order a bunch of appetizers and than a big entree. It’s way more fun! I think that’s why I love happy hour. Small portions + drinks = one happy lady.

  5. Fact: I will choose a charcuterie plate off the menu every time. I often end up with a few appetizers when I go out. I like to graze and sample things that I probably wouldn’t make at home. Tapas restaurants are perfect for me!

  6. I love to pick at things to eat, but not all on one plate. Still, I’d rather have a handful of berries instead of a whole apple. Makes it seem like more. I just like to spread it out.

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