Daily Archives: 01.16.2012

Eat More Green Things

I would very much like for this week’s workshopping on my Healthy Living Resolutions to focus on #1, Eat More Green Things.

Green things.  We eat them.  And I like to believe that more of them find their way onto our dinner plates than in most American homes.

So I didn’t select this as one of my resolutions because we weren’t eating any vegetables.  It’s quite the opposite, actually.  I think that we already do a good job of getting our Five A Day for no other reason than the fact that we like to eat things that are fresh.

I’m fairly positive that last winter, some bloggers embarked on a project to eat a salad per day for the entire month of December.  Which is a great idea.  Salads are a wonderful way to pack lots of nutrients (and, um,  fiber) into a meal.  When you make the active choice to top them with something other than bacon crumbles and ranch dressing, they’re a great meal choice.

This year, I very nearly made the declaration that I too, in the spirit of that challenge was going to eat a salad every day for the month of January.

Until the light bulb moment came and I realized that a major cornerstone of the way I eat/feed Marcus and myself is the fact that I refuse to include or exclude one type of food or one type of meal at the expense of everything else.

Right.  How could I have forgotten?

Answer: Because sometimes jumping on the healthy living bandwagon is so much fun that you lose sight of why you’re actually doing something.

How tricky.

I mean, really.  What is it about a salad that makes it holier than thou when you compare it to roasted vegetables?  Or wilted greens?

Yes, I know that there are pros to eating things that are served raw.  But not to the point where I have to force a salad down the hatch every day for a month just to prove it.

So at that point, the question isn’t so much based around how many more dinner salads we can incorporate into our weekly rotation or how much more broccoli we can roast.

Instead, Marcus and I have found ourselves at the point where we’re trying to learn what new dishes we can turn into Regular Features.

That being said, cooking out of Veganomicon has been an interesting experiment, because when you remove meat from your plate, you do have to fill that space with something else.  It takes time to find a way to fill that space that is satisfying, filling and doesn’t leave you feeling as if you’ve just spent time in a Rabbit Feed Bag.

It’s that little bit of extra effort that we finally have to commit to.

Have you ever given up meat/sugar/dairy/carbohydrates for a set period of time?  How did that go?