Daily Archives: 01.15.2012

Crossing it off of The List

Today  = More of the same.

I went to Run Club, did laundry, attended a post Baby Dedication Luncheon (Baby Girl is outright adorable), and pre-made some to-go lunch/dinner food for Marcus and I.

Then, and only then, did I get to relax.  Which is to say that I changed for the fourth time today and headed out the door.  Again.

Yes, this routine is officially Totally Normal.  You mean you don’t do four wardrobe changes in a day?

Behold, tonight’s adventure.

The Lion King is a show that has been on Mom’s musical bucket list for a while now.  So when we found out it was coming back into town, we knew it was a Must Do.

It’s kind of funny how when you plan something SO far in advance, you proceed to completely forget about it until suddenly it’s on top of you.

Pros: The puppets were INCREDIBLE.  The people who played the parts of the grass and plants were surprisingly fascinating to watch.  The opening scene (The Circle of Life) was as breathtaking as they say it is.

Cons: The acting was extremely unconvincing.  The lead singers were average.  The theater was filled with small children who were deadly afraid of Scar and did not hesitate to vocalize that.

Considering there is absolutely nothing else like it, I’m SO glad that we got to go.

Plus, Billy drives back to La Crosse tomorrow, so it was nice to be able to spend a little more time together before he goes.  It’s been great having him in town for the last month, but duty grad school calls.

What’s the best musical you’ve seen?  The worst musical you’ve seen?

I know for certain that the worst musical I ever saw was Brigadoon.  Just when you thought that they had wrapped it up, it kept going.  We wandered through those Scottish mists for a long, long time.