Daily Archives: 01.13.2012

Friday Food Round-Up!

If I could describe our meals this week, they would be best captured by the following statement:

It’s cool to consume two jars of chutney in less than five days.

Also known as Doing What Feels Right.  Just because you meal plan doesn’t always mean that the plan makes sense or that you actually follow it.

Sunday – Jenna’s Chicken Tortilla Soup

Yes, this required another trip to the grocery store.  And the chicken I was working with had already been roasted once, jerk-style.

But after reading Nigella’s recipe for what to do with leftover Jerk Chicken and looking at Jenna’s recipe for Chicken Tortilla Soup, my need for hominy won out.

As a reward for our efforts (we went to Cub three times last Sunday – he went once, I went once, and we went together once), we have two giant containers of it in the freezer, ready to go.

Monday – Chicken Saag from time for dinner

One of the sections in time for dinner involves you finding one ingredient in your pantry and then they provide you with three meal options from that.

I loved the idea of doing Chicken Saag because in all of the Indian cooking we’ve tried to action over the past year, our spinach body count has rested at zero.

Truth: This meal was extremely anticlimactic, even after I added a jalapeno, ginger, cayenne and a can of tomatoes.  Retrospectively, I should have thrown a hefty dosing of cumin in there as well.

Live and learn.

That being said, I was really pleased with the way that spinach bulked up the meal.  Marcus and I were both stuffed after eating a normal portion, and it took care of the veggie situation.  As leftovers, this dish was doubly impressive.  It may be one of those things (like coq au vin) that do best sitting for a while before serving.

Wednesday – Samosa Stuffed Baked Potatoes from Veganomicon with Roasted Broccoli

Can I just say that those vegans know what’s up?  When I was trying to get an idea of whether or not Veganomicon was a book I actually wanted, I read about this recipe.  And it pretty much sealed the deal.

I loved them.  Marcus loved them.  If calories didn’t exist, I would have eaten two entire potatoes.

Plus, since the recipe revolves around potatoes and other extremely basic pantry staples, our meal was…inappropriately cheap.

Our modifications: Instead of halving the potatoes, I just hacked off the tops of the potatoes and set them aside for this weekend when I’ll invariably end up actioning a small plate of Potato Skins for Marcus and I to enjoy.  I completely outright forgot to add the lemon juice, so we’ll be wondering what that would have tasted like until the next time we make these.

How often do twice-baked potatoes appear in your house?

Do you stockpile food in the freezer?