A New Discovery

Truth: Even though I love going to the grocery store (it’s a mesmerizing place), last year we very quickly learned that Marcus is able to hunt and gather all of the items on our list much faster than I am.

He sticks to the list.  I get distracted by the number of different jams and jellies you can choose from at Cub.  Despite the fact that nearly all of our spreads come from Trader Joe’s.

So we started going together.  Because it made my Sunday morning errands move a lot faster.  And I was happier not having to haul all of the heavy grocery bags on my own.

While I’m leading the 5k Clinic, Marcus has agreed to take all of our grocery shopping.

Yes, seriously.

Which really means that when I’m done with the clinic, I’ll be using my stipend to build him a shrine to his Superior Abilities as a husband.

This week, for some reason, The Universe directed him to bring this home instead of diced tomatoes.

I know.  I KNOW.  What are those?

So the challenge is on to find things that Stewed Tomatoes “work” with.

Because if $1 in mystery-meat canned vegetables doesn’t spell commitment, I don’t know what does.

This involved a bit of research on my behalf because truth be told, I have never eaten a stewed tomato from a can (or cooked down from someone’s garden for that matter) in my life.

Beyond the fact that they’re sweeter than regular diced tomatoes and possibly saltier, this is what I’ve learned so far regarding preparation methods.

  • It is extremely popular to combine them with Macaroni and Cheese.
  • You can wilt spinach in them while they cook, with a bit of sauteed garlic and herbs, and crown them with the ever-present soft fried egg.  Or for a fun twist, crack your egg into the mix and let it set-up a bit prior to removing it from the heat and serving.
  • To work with the original flavor, they’ve been tossed into a food processor and whirled into a somewhat sweet pasta sauce.
  • They’re able to step into service as part of Chicken Cacciatore.

Please send help.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve accidentally brought home from the grocery store?

Have you ever eaten Stewed Tomatoes?  How would you eat/prepare them?


21 responses to “A New Discovery

  1. If I got home stewed tomatoes, I would just mash’em up and add like regular diced tomatoes. My husband is the same with the grocery list, quick and totally the non-wandering types. I, on the other hand, can stand and compare toilet paper prices just for the fun of it.

  2. Stewed tomatoes on top of Spaghetti Squash!

    Put the spaghetti squash in an oven safe dish. (you could even toss it in a little olive oil or tomato sauce) Lace the stewed tomatoes on top of squash, sprinkle with cheese of your choice and bake until bubbly and hot.

  3. I love stewed tomatoes!
    I eat them in many pasta sauces! But I do line your little lust and think I now need to try the egg etc dish. Thanks!
    I’ve brought home a few different Asian fish sauces I somehow believed I “ought to have on hand” and never figured out why.
    Now I need to go clean out my pantry, thanks so much!

  4. Haha it’s like me, I try to get in and out of a grocery store as quickly as possible.


  5. I usually put stewed tomatoes in my homemade turkey chili. They give a nice “oomph” to the chili.

  6. I think you could make your own marinara with stewed tomatoes. I think I’ve tried them on occassion.

    However, I will tell you, I am ruthless about returning things, even food items. If it were me and I did not want to use them, I’d return them! I’ve returned lots of stuff! And the helpful folks at the customer service counter don’t even bat an eyelash. They just take it back and give me cash. Even when I don’t have a receipt!

  7. Zadie Gary likes them warmed straight from the can.

  8. The only time I’ve used stewed tomatoes is when I made stew. Crazy right?!

  9. Kat Darling,
    One word: shakshuka.

  10. I used to randomly buy stuff that sat, unused in my fridge and it would freak me out because I fear wasting food. So now I have a Just In Time system where things are used and then the fridge is empty again. It’s not time efficient but it works.

    I barely use tomatoes, with the exception of ketchup. I can’t be of help here!!

  11. Haven’t bought stewed tomatoes in years, but when I did, I made Swiss Steak for TCP. Here’s a recipe if you want to check it out. This version says to use regular tomatoes, but I used the stewed variety for this.


    PS – weirdest can I came home from the store with – lychees. Had NO idea what to do with them.

  12. Julie Gabrielson

    My husband loves stewed tomatoes warmed up on the stove top with a little bit of extra sugar. He then crumbles some saltine crackers on top and eats them. I’m not a huge fan, but it’s a special treat for him when I buy stewed tomatoes.

    I’ve also used them as a last resort in making pasta sauce.

  13. I use them in anything that would have had diced tomatoes. By the time you warm up the diced they get mushed up too. Chili, tacos, pasta, olive chicken. You will be fine. This happens to me all of the time when I send your Dad to the store.

  14. I’ve seen stewed tomatoes in the grocery store, but I’ve never really known much about them. Puree into sauce? That’s my best guess.

  15. I probably would just treat them like regular diced canned tomatoes? Throw them in a crock pot chili or tomato sauce haha.

  16. Stewed tomatoes are the best in chili!!!!!!

  17. I wish I could tell you what to do with stewed tomatoes, but I am stumped! I would probably use them like regular tomatoes and hope they work out!

  18. True story: my grandmother (not the one oft referenced on the blog) is an admittedly horrible cook. She puts stewed tomatoes on top of iceberg lettuce and calls it salad. Blech! Stew tomatoes would be great in chili, or anything that you’d normally used diced tomatoes in. I like the swiss steak, idea!

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