Daily Archives: 01.08.2012

This is the life.

Today was the zen Sunday that I’ve been waiting for since the middle of December.

Translation: When I got home from run club, my only “projects” for the day were deep conditioning my hair, removing my nail polish and doing a load of laundry.  Which still needs to be folded.

This is the life.

Or so they say.

I needed this chance to just sit and take a moment, undisturbed.

So I celebrated by planting myself in a sunny spot on the couch and finishing my book.

Three hours later I turned the last page, removed myself from the situation and decided that I would like for that sort of thing to happen more often.

Once upon a time When Marcus and I first moved in together it did, but I’m not sure what activity replaced it.  More running?  More blogging?  More cooking?

It’s a mystery to me.

As the sun started to set, Marcus and I debated dinner options.  Yes, I meal planned for this week.  No, I wasn’t in the mood for anything that I had initially picked.

Meal planning can be tricky like that sometimes.

It did, however, manage to inspire us to bring back Cheese Happy Hour.  In which we arrange a little tray of cheese and snacks and pour ourselves a drink.

Another stalwart from the We Just Moved In Together days.  Look.

It’s a lovely way to enjoy something “nice” without having to leave the house/spend money.  It’s an even better way for us to spend time with one another sans-technology.

Which brings me to now, sitting in front of my netbook, swathed in a Ralph Lauren crewneck sweatshirt with a mug of Vanilla Caramel tea.  In one of my Missoni coffee mugs, of course.  It brings me to a happy place.  And because I was feeling particularly snacky, a bowl of popcorn tossed with Old Bay Seasoning.

Yes, Do to all of the above.

Do you ever action a Cheese Happy Hour-style arrangement?

What’s your vision of a zen Sunday?