Daily Archives: 01.01.2012

So This is What 2012 Looks Like

This morning, I rolled over in my bed at the Normandy Inn and thought, So THIS is what 2012 looks like.

As it turns out, 2012 involves a number of fluffy blankets, and gray light streaming in through the window.

Not bad, right?

I then promptly gave thanks for the copious amounts of champagne consumed last night and the conspicuous lack of a hangover this morning.


I wish I could say that today was A Day of Revelation.  That suddenly the year that has only just begun to unfold would have a warp and a weft to work within.

Instead I spilled my coffee on our suede couch and promptly learned what, specifically, you have to do to get said coffee stain off of such a couch.

How thrilling.  I know.

Absent a list of resolutions I could start chipping away at today, I did what I know how to do.

There was sweating.

Translation: The non-running part of my workout today has left me questioning whether or not I’ll be able to walk tomorrow.

There was feasting on unprocessed, homemade, delicious things.  The kinds of things that leave a girl feeling like she hasn’t thrown the baby out with the bath water on day one.

Sometimes Not Failing is as effective as Doing It.

There was lounging on the couch with Linds, watching the second part of the film adaptation of The Deathly Hallows, while we addressed our mitts and paws.

Because Soothing Stuff is always a good starting point.

How was your New Year’s Day?

What are your go-tos for furniture/carpet stains?