Friday Food Round-Up!

I don’t want to say it, but this might mark the beginning of the farewell tour of Great, Easy Meals for a while.  Not because it isn’t 11/10, but because I got time for dinner for Hanukkah and it’s a similar premise with a totally different set of recipes.

Is it a book for families with small children trying to get dinner on the table?  Yes.

Some people might see that and, determining that they are no part of that target audience, turn away.

I saw that and determined that if it’s a book designed to help families with small children get dinner on the table, then it probably makes dinner more manageable for everyone.

So, get excited for next week.

In the meantime, more snaps of What We Ate.  Because just like I promised, I barely had time to cook, but we managed to enjoy a few things. 😉

Saturday – Risotto Cakes with Mixed Greens from Great, Easy Meals

This is one of those recipes where you really just have to wait until you have leftover risotto on hand to make it.  But once you do have that leftover risotto hanging around in your fridge?

Make this immediately.  For brunch.  For lunch.  For a light dinner.

For yourself.  For girlfriends.  For your beloved.

Truths: We did not have chives, fontina or fennel.  This is just how things are at noon on Christmas Eve.  After tossing the first batch that we fried in olive oil (as directed) into the trash, I fried the second batch in butter to great success.  Next time, I would probably just drizzle them with butter and bake them until crisp and brown.  All roads lead the same direction.

Success: They tasted just wonderful over arugula and drizzled with the remainder of the salad dressing that I had made for last week.  If you liked your risotto enough the first go-round to keep the leftovers, you’ll like it just as much in this second incarnation.

Monday – Mom’s Chicken and Green Chile Enchiladas

Since we knew we wouldn’t have the chance to eat dinner at our place until Thursday in a best case scenario, I knew that we were going to be starving to death/eating incredibly random things for lunch unless I took a stand and did something about it.

Sometimes a container of greek yogurt and a granola bar just isn’t fun.

Answer: Enchiladas.  They’re one of our favorite meals and they’re hands-down my favorite leftovers (besides Big Bowl Build Your Own Stir Fry) to bring to work for lunch.

Need something a little bit healthier?  Microwave one, cut it up and toss it over some arugula and you’ve got yourself a “salad.”

What is your favorite weekday lunch?

How much do you usually end up cooking over the holidays?

3 responses to “Friday Food Round-Up!

  1. LOVE this. Your foods always look so delicious and sound SO EASY! Maybe I can hire Chef Kat to be my personal chef. Maybe.

  2. I just made risotto for the first time tonight and I definitely have leftovers! What are the chances? 🙂 Looks amazing!

  3. Our fridge is bare. Even the bread for toast is long gone. Thus no cooking here until we trek to the grocery store.

    Loving the lip butter post. I’ve been craving red lip color for a while now…

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