Daily Archives: 12.29.2011

Lip Butter

Let’s talk lip color.

I can’t say that I’m afraid of lipstick.  Rather, the only shade I ever buy is bright red.  Because if you’re actually going to commit to a color other than “glossy” or “natural,” I feel like you should make a statement with it.

But red lipstick isn’t a show I take on the road every day.  It’s like the gold handbag I picked out got for my birthday.

Best for nights out.

Used in moderation.

About a month ago, Sarah (my newly appointed Drugstore Diva Spirit Guide) wrote a post about Revlon Lip Butter.

After reading her thoughts on the matter, I was pretty much into it.

I’m afraid of lip stains because they seem too permanent, and I have a hate-hate relationship with most lip glosses because they leave my lips feeling incredibly sticky and most of them seem to involve some sort of poisonous taste.

I think that poison-taste is supposed to be flavorful.

And maybe it is.  If you’re a robot.

But it’s just not working for me.

After seeing a feature on Emma Stone in W where she was sporting the stuff, I knew that The Universe was Voting Yes to this idea.

Emma Stone + W = Real World Fashion Mandate

It was time to source.  Naturally.

On my first trip to the drugstore (after three laps of the cosmetics section) I grabbed two tubes – Berry Smoothie and Candy Apple.  There was no method to this madness, just a lot of finger crossing.

Berry Smoothie was almost identical (albeit glamorized) to my natural lip color.  Except for when I wore it to work.  The fluorescent lighting didn’t really do me any favors there.  But you had better believe that I felt like I goddess when I put it on in my cubicle.

Candy Apple was a vibrant shade of red that looked at home on my face instead of garish.  Most importantly, it didn’t do that awkward thing where you put a bold lip color on and then suddenly your teeth look…not as white as they usually do.

I did NOT road test this color at work.

I’ve got to give Revlon some credit.  They hooked me instantly with this product.

So on my second trip to CVS (God bless ExtraCare Reward Bucks), I nabbed Peach Parfait.

More is more.

A comfortable compromise between the first two, though you wouldn’t guess it from the case.

Now my biggest concern is keeping my lips moisturized enough so that the effect provided by the lip butters actually looks…natural.  It’s like the work just never ends.

Do you do lipstick?  Lip gloss? 

What types of colors do you usually go for?