Not to be Outdone

Merry Christmas, kittens!  I hope that y’all are able to spend the day with the people who matter the most to you.

Obviously I will be in the middle of it all with my merry band family.

So let’s talk gift-giving, shall we?

Y’all remember Edward & Bella, right?

Well apparently that was the beginning of something great for our family.  I think it’s safe to say that Billy now has what can only be described as a working relationship with The Artist.

Welcome, William and Kate.

And no, that’s not a bad paint job, those are signs of hair loss that you’re noticing on William’s head.

It’s because she really tries to “capture” the subject.

You know?

But I did not want to be outdone!  Obviously.

I know that people worry about neighbors that will steal their gifts off of their front porches.  Crooked delivery men who will tamper with their packages.

I was totally confident that if anyone wanted to steal this, the surprise would be on them.

Behold.  My gift for Billy this year.

Yes, you really are looking at a Mouse Taxidermy Desktop Calendar.   Because when Marcus and I were watching Dinner for Schmucks on cable a couple of weeks ago, the moment Steve Carell started pulling out the book with examples of his mouse taxidermy-work, I knew that we had stumbled upon greatness.

Unfortunately, books like the one that his character proudly showed off don’t actually exist.  So I had to create my own.  And in the process of searching for photos of taxidermied mice, not only did I get extremely disturbed that so many people are doing this, I laughed so hard that I cried.

For an hour.

If you’re ever having a downer day, just grab your computer and get Google-ing.  There’s not enough space in the world for mouse taxidermy and other emotions to co-exist.

Let’s not forget Dad.  Because he couldn’t be left out of the fun.

I found A Real Treasure for him.

A signed copy of A Love That Multiplies.

Vote: Most necessary object?  Or most necessary object?

If I may be so honest, I’m 100% positive that the website I ordered it from is what gave my work computer the virus of the century.

Like, I mean IT spent a week re-building my computer.

But it was totally worth it.

Does your family give gag gifts?

What’s the most ridiculous gift (serious or not) that you have ever received?

8 responses to “Not to be Outdone

  1. I got a box of plastic hors d’oeuvres spoons and a box of plastic hors d’oeuvres bowls in a really tacky translucent green. True story though — not a gag gift at all.. My MIL was totally serious about that being a gift. That calendar is pretty epic though.. you might need to do something about marketing that.

  2. Happy holidays.

    Williams real-life hair loss is kind of a bummer. I just adore those ornaments!

    I am off to eat another slice of pie.

  3. Merry Christmas, my dear! I don’t get too many gag gifts (though that would be entertaining). Best gift I got today was the cupcake necklace I have been coveting!

  4. Those are brilliant gifts! We don’t give gag gifts, but with that mouse taxidermy book as inspiration, I might start a tradition.

  5. The Teenage Taste

    Hahaha, you give some of the funniest gifts ever! I usually do a mix of gag and regular gifts, but gag gifts are the most fun to watch them open, obviously! 🙂

  6. What fantastic gifts! I love the William and Kate figures, and sad to say the bald head is soon to be spot on. Wishing you a wonderful holiday!

  7. We don’t usually do gag gifts, although one year we gave our dad a box of just socks and underwear. And….he loved it, so maybe that tells you something about our family?

  8. The William and Kate put me over the edge. Your mouse calendar & signed Duggar book is an excellent counter. We do gag gifts in our family. They are so bizarrely-so-hideously-cool that I think people honestly wonder if we are serious about it.

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