Daily Archives: 12.25.2011

Not to be Outdone

Merry Christmas, kittens!  I hope that y’all are able to spend the day with the people who matter the most to you.

Obviously I will be in the middle of it all with my merry band family.

So let’s talk gift-giving, shall we?

Y’all remember Edward & Bella, right?

Well apparently that was the beginning of something great for our family.  I think it’s safe to say that Billy now has what can only be described as a working relationship with The Artist.

Welcome, William and Kate.

And no, that’s not a bad paint job, those are signs of hair loss that you’re noticing on William’s head.

It’s because she really tries to “capture” the subject.

You know?

But I did not want to be outdone!  Obviously.

I know that people worry about neighbors that will steal their gifts off of their front porches.  Crooked delivery men who will tamper with their packages.

I was totally confident that if anyone wanted to steal this, the surprise would be on them.

Behold.  My gift for Billy this year.

Yes, you really are looking at a Mouse Taxidermy Desktop Calendar.   Because when Marcus and I were watching Dinner for Schmucks on cable a couple of weeks ago, the moment Steve Carell started pulling out the book with examples of his mouse taxidermy-work, I knew that we had stumbled upon greatness.

Unfortunately, books like the one that his character proudly showed off don’t actually exist.  So I had to create my own.  And in the process of searching for photos of taxidermied mice, not only did I get extremely disturbed that so many people are doing this, I laughed so hard that I cried.

For an hour.

If you’re ever having a downer day, just grab your computer and get Google-ing.  There’s not enough space in the world for mouse taxidermy and other emotions to co-exist.

Let’s not forget Dad.  Because he couldn’t be left out of the fun.

I found A Real Treasure for him.

A signed copy of A Love That Multiplies.

Vote: Most necessary object?  Or most necessary object?

If I may be so honest, I’m 100% positive that the website I ordered it from is what gave my work computer the virus of the century.

Like, I mean IT spent a week re-building my computer.

But it was totally worth it.

Does your family give gag gifts?

What’s the most ridiculous gift (serious or not) that you have ever received?