Daily Archives: 12.23.2011

Friday Food Round-Up!

It’s The Holidays.

What that actually means: Between this week and next week, I will be able to count the number of times we have to cook dinner for ourselves on one hand.

So here goes my best effort at starting the count-down.

Monday – Moroccan Grilled Salmon with Coriander Roasted Carrots and Curried Brown Rice Pilaf from Great, Easy Meals

Truth: Prior to this meal, I had never made a rice pilaf for Marcus.  Or served him carrots as a side dish instead of in something.

As it turns out, pilaf is insanely easy.  The book asked me to use a half-stick of butter and to throw in a massive amount of broken spaghetti noodles to add a contrasting-texture.  I’ve never really understood the need to have broken noodles in pilaf.  And a half-stick of butter seemed excessive.  So I abandoned the noodles and slashed the amount of butter in-half.  This was an acceptable move.

Next time I would bake the salmon rather than grilling it, if only because I feel like the grilling method on our stove doesn’t yield the most moist result.  I would be more inclined to go for a drier product if it was going into fish tacos or something of the like.

Thursday – Risotto with Sauteed Mushrooms and Roasted Asparagus

Hanukkah risotto.  It happened.

We haven’t had risotto in months and no, there’s not an actual recipe.  The original recipe came from some cookbook that Mom purported had come from IKEA.  I don’t know if that’s really true or not.  What I do know is that whatever it is that we throw in that pot is so far away from The Original Plan that it is completely and uniquely our own.

Our trick: As Marcus was slicing our mushrooms, we realized that we had picked a bad bunch.  So I cracked open a can of mushrooms, sauteed them with some butter, white wine, salt and pepper to kill off the canned flavor.  Once they were finished, I chopped them a bit finer and then stirred them into the dish.

What last-minute work arounds have you had to had to action?

Will you do most of your cooking/eating at home in the next week or will you be celebrating?