Daily Archives: 12.22.2011


Kittens, we have been experiencing some True Hanukkah Miracles at La Maison M.

On Monday, I found out that my last Missoni for Target Cardigan would finally be shipping.

I know.  I KNOW.

I wasn’t kidding when I said Miracle.

Back in September when they announced the shipping delay on it, I tried to come to terms with the fact that even though the new ship-date was in November, I wouldn’t be seeing it until Christmas.

And last week, as I was going through my inbox, deleting order confirmations for yet-to-be-wrapped gifts, I almost gave up hope and deleted the back-in-September order confirmation for my sweater.

Because Target is based out of Minneapolis (and they employ some sort of Dark Art that I am not practiced in), the sweater arrived at The House on The Hill Yesterday.

It’s Hardcore Retro.  I love it 11/10.

At first I wanted to call it my favorite, but truth be told, the three I sourced are all so different that I don’t think I can.  Though I will say that the cleverest idea I had was to snag one of the cardigans with a pink-motif from the girls’ section so I could fashion it as a shrug.

On Tuesday, another miracle.

Marcus and I did not exchange our forever-rings during our wedding ceremony.  I accepted a ring that all of the women in his family have worn at their wedding ceremonies, and in Conservative Jewish ceremonies, it is not typical for men to accept rings.  So we decided that we would exchange them immediately after the ceremony during the yichud (our seclusion).

Since had agreed well-ahead of time that we weren’t going to exchange wedding gifts, I told him that I wanted one love letter from him and that I would do the same.

We could exchange them with our rings.

Romantic, right?

It was perfect.

Except for the part where at some point between the ride to the reception site and the end of the reception, the letters disappeared without a trace.

Yesterday I discovered them in a bag of mixed-goods that I was stashing away to foist on Lindsey when she made it back to the city.


Have you experienced any Hanukkah/Christmas miracles?