Cookie Week: Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Good morning, kittens!  I know, so early.  But today’s post is my contribution to Be a Good Cookie Week.

Earlier this year, Kirsten shared with us that she lost her sister, Cheryl, to cancer at an early age.  As the fall progressed (and with the holidays right around the corner) she mentioned to Allison, Jeanne, Mads, Megan and I that she was thinking about doing a little something to raise awareness for children’s cancer through her blog.

She had only just pressed the send button when the rest of us piled on board.  Because friends do not let friends walk that path alone.  We are grandmothers, mothers, and someday-mothers.  Aunts, sisters, daughters and nieces.  Childhood cancers are not a one person battle.

The cause that is close to her heart is Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, founded by Gretchen Holt-Witt.  Gretchen is a mother who watched her son Liam battle a cancer of the nervous system.  Getting even with cancer instead of remaining powerless and angry, Gretchen organized a bake sale.  Over the course of three weeks, she and the individuals who volunteered to help her in this fight for funding of pediatric cancer therapy research moved 96,000 cookies for a total of $400,000.

A movement was born.

When I re-read the post that Kirsten wrote, introducing us to this cause, one number really hit home for me.

Her sister, Cheryl, would have been 24 years old this year.

I am 24 years old this year.

It is a fact that I am totally unable to make any sense of.

The writing is on the wall.

Any age is too soon, but we cannot continue to let cancer take the lives our young.

Before we get started, I wanted to make sure that we were all on the same page.

When I read about other bloggers in the kitchen, I have a very clear-cut vision of what it must look like.

Their hair is done, they’re wearing a camera-ready outfit.  They never get ingredients on their clothes.  Their kitchens are immaculate.

Just so we’re all on the same page, this is what I look like when I impulsively decide to begin my baking immediately after an early breakfast on a Sunday morning.

Right?  Right.

For my batch of heaven, I decided to go with the Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies from the CFKC Best Bake Sale Cookbook.

Making these was the perfect choice, because it’s something that’s on my 25 by 25 list and the first recipe I tried was…unimpressive.

This definitely righted that wrong.

The recipe asked me to grind the oats in my food processor.  Since I only made a half-batch, that seemed really excessive.  So I turned to my immersion blender instead.  God I love that thing.  You hook it up, do what you need to do and at the end, you only have a blender and a cup to clean.  It is so beyond easy.

I had already started mixing and dumping things by the time I realized I needed to start thinking like a food blogger and get snapping.  So here’s my effort.

In case you actually wanted to know what’s hiding in that green bowl, it was sugar.  Brown and white.


I think I was supposed to use 1.5 cups of chocolate chips, but this ended up being more like…2.  How did this happen?  It’s very simple, really.  I had two open bags of chocolate chips floating around in my pantry and I wanted nothing more than to be rid of them both.  The ratio of chips to actual dough may or may not have been 1:1.

And it was good.

After wrasslin’ with parchment paper for the better part of 10 minutes, only to realize that it’s only necessary if you want to keep your baking sheets looking nice, I ditched the stuff and got my cookies in the oven.


The finished product.  Behold.

Truthfully, I didn’t know that cookies like this could come out of my kitchen.

Once I’m done surviving the nine dozen cookies I need to action for a work cookie exchange next week, I’ll be pulling this recipe out again.

Only next time?  I’ll be making the full-batch instead of the half.

And don’t forget, the reindeer games are not over yet!

Monday – Kirsten from Comfortably Domestic
Tuesday – Jeanne from Inside NanaBread’s Head
Wednesday – Megan from Wanna Be A Country Clever
Thursday – Kat from Tenaciously Yours,
Friday – Mads from La Petite Pancake
Saturday – Allison from Decadent Philistines Save the World

Also, make sure to check out Kirsten and Jeanne’s giveaways!

What do you look like when you’re in the middle of some serious baking?

What is your go-to recipe for perfect cookies?


21 responses to “Cookie Week: Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

  1. Your description of other blog bakers could not be farther from the truth – at least in my case. There is no perfect hair; no camera-ready outfit; no clean clothes, either. I don’t usually remember that I own aprons until I look down and see flour or powdered sugar all over my clothes (usually handprints on my hips where I’ve thoughtlessly wiped my hands). But life should be messy and fun, so who really cares, right? That’s what Clorox Wipes are for. Your cookies look amazing, Kat. That chocolate-to-dough ratio looks perfect to me. PS – I love your canisters!

  2. Ohhhh, Katterbutt/Katters/KitKat (takeyourpick) – (I sincerely hope we’re far enough in our relationship to call you by a nickname, just this one time…)
    When I’m in the kitchen, flour is everywhere, I’m tripping over a dog, spilling water, and dropping eggs, splattering my cookbooks with goo and generally caking my camera in flour. Trust me – there is nothing done-up or put togehter about me when I’m in the kitchen. For the record – I will take a picture next time I bake. Just to keep it real.

    And my go-to recipe for cookies are my chocolate chip cookies. Haven’t failed me yet, 20 years. Dear Lawd, I sound old. (26 isn’t THAT old, right?)

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  4. I love you for not making oatmeal raisin cookies 🙂

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  6. You cannot possibly go wrong with oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. They are my go-to cookies. In terms of what I look like while baking, it varies wildly, because I typically bake when the mood hits. So I’ve baked dressed up, in workout clothes, in pajamas, you name it. The only thing I’m not sure of is formal wear, since it’s not exactly something I wear with regularity.

  7. You look way more adorbs than I do most weekend mornings 🙂 The over sized hospital scrubs I wear for pajamas would be the first problem. I like to be comfortable at home, so if it wasn’t the pajamas it would be some sweats most likely.

    The cookies look awesome. Oatmeal chocolate chip are my favorite.

  8. Um, these look delicious. My go-to is now a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie, which I now insist are “healthy” b/c there’s only 1 stick of butter and a can of “veggie” in 5 dozen cookies. Forget that there is um, at least a bag of choc chips.

    Your cookies are gorgeous — up there with the best of the baker-blogs! (And I def agree with you there…WHO ARE THOSE GALS?!)

  9. What a tragedy. I can’t imagine such a loss either. Such a great cause to support, though. Every dollar raised for cancer is one step closer to a cure.

    On a somewhat lighter note, I think you look fantastic. Trust me (you will learn this as you get older) 24 ALWAYS looks great.

  10. I have 1 very important question….. How many calories are in those cookies? #SorryHadToAsk

  11. I am with Jeanne – I always forget to put on my apron until after disaster strikes… and it always does, especially now that HRH is my sous chef. But thankfully, my intrepid coonhound is always underfoot to clean up spills and trip me when I try to take pictures in a kitchen with TERRIBLE lighting. Of course, the important thing is to have fun, and that is something that I can you did! 🙂
    Oh, my favorite go-to is an oatmeal/dried fruit concoction that I found at Cooking Light. One has to add much more fruit to the bunch than the recipe calls for, but a The Husband says, if the fruit/nuts/chocolate chips don’t begin to compromise the structural integrity of the cookie, you haven’t added enough!
    I kind of still have a dream of wearing one of those dresses like in White Christmas that are kind of poofy while I bake. But I think we all know I’d just set it on fire somehow.

  12. 1. Great post. You girls are the best. I did realize when I wrote the Cheryl post that you were the same age. 🙂
    2. Bacon Slayer & I often banter that one day he is going to wake up to a perfectly clean house, breakfast on the table, and a batch of cookies baking in the oven. All the while, I’ll be perfectly coiffed, wearing an apron & Donna Reed pearls. So very unlike my flannel jammie pants & ponytail that usually greets him at breakfast. Being a rabid baker means that I bake in anything, and only remember that I forgot an apron when I see the layer of flour on my inevitably black clothing.
    3. Chocolate chip cookies are my go-to cookie. The shade of chocolate chips varies depending on mood, and often the dough: chocolate chips: dried cherries ratio is equal.

    • You can dress like Donna Reed at breakfast once all your boys are grown and gone. Oh, wait. No you won’t. Because you won’t want to when you’re that age, and he’ll be old enough that he will have forgotten he even said it. Trust me. : )

  13. Dude, I totally love that you made chocolate chip cookies! You can’t beat a classic cookie! And they look freakin’ delicious!

    P.S. In my house, Powdered Sugar – 75, Lauren – 2. Clearly I will never win.

  14. Martha Stewart’s chocolate chip cookies are my favorite! I use sea salt in them, and it really makes a difference. Great choice, you can’t go wrong with chocolate chip cookies 🙂

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  16. Ugh, you should see the way I look when I bake! Especially when I make anise cookies, like I’m planning on doing tomorrow- the batch makes at least 200 cookies, so by the time I’m doing mixing, rolling, cutting, baking, and frosting, I’m covered in shit and my hands are bleeding from handling the cookie cutters!

  17. I love chocolate chip oatmeal cookies!

    I usually look like a hot mess 😉

    Americas test kitchen has the BEST lower calorie chocolate chip cookies! I have a recipe that I tweaked a little from their recipe on my blog, under the label “cookies”. They come out perfect every time!

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