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Reverb 11 | Prompt 14 | Ordinary Time

Some of my absolute favorite ladies Sarah and her partner-in-crime, Meredith are leading a December blog series called Reverb.  I can’t explain it nearly so well as she does except to say that it involves reflecting on the life you’ve lead over the past year.  The highs, the lows, the changes and your hopes for the year to come.  I told her I would love to join in for a post or two when the prompt felt right.

Prompt for December 14: Ordinary time.  Tell us about an ordinary week in your 2011 life; describe your routine.  Do you hope that your day-to-day, week-to-week life remains much the same in the coming year, or are you trying to shake things up?  How will you do that?

I spent the first eight months of this year in chaos.  Planning a wedding.  Going on a honeymoon.  Trying to figure out what I wanted from my job in the short-term and a career in the long-term.  Finally starting to tackle all of the projects that we had been saving for after the wedding.

In the middle of August, things finally started to come together.

Life in Ordinary Time.  Our new normal.

My regular work schedule is 7:30 – 2:30, Monday through Friday.

It is the product of an epic string of events that culminated with The Universe basically roaring that my life needed to stow all electronic items and return my seat and tray table to their upright and locked positions.  Please and thank you very much.

It’s also a really good example of what happens when you are completely up-front and honest with people about what your needs are, and avoid asking for ridiculous things that make it seem like you see your current employer as some sort of employment-with-benefits Santa Claus.

So, what does a day in Ordinary Time look like for Kat?

Well, it’s really ordinary.

I roll out of bed at 5:05 AM to do 25 minutes of yoga.  In the past two years, I’ve come to terms with the fact that if I don’t do it then, it never gets done.  I’m not an evening yoga-praticer.  Plus, if I don’t wake up to do the yoga, Marcus is still waking up at that time.  So either way, I’m getting woken up.  I like to think that this “practice” of mine spares me a half-hour of tossing and counterproductive dozing.

For all that I sometimes have to force myself into it, there has never been a day where I’ve wrapped up my yoga practice and thought to myself, Man, getting out of bed and focusing my effort and attention on that was a mistake.  So I take it as a sign that I should just keep moving.  Even on the really cold mornings where staying in bed really seems like the only reasonable option.

Can I just take a moment to say that I love the morning?

Because I do.

I am a complete and utter morning person.  I love showering.  I love making coffee.  I especially love deciding on, making and eating breakfast while reading a good book or magazine.  I love blowing-out my hair and putting on make-up.

Simply put, it is the best.

I leave the house, double-check that the garage door is shut and I’m off to work.  Which is the place where I spend 30-32 of my waking hours on a weekly basis.  After two years of dreading going to work (graduating and joining-up with the real world is a rough transition), I can truthfully say that the cloud has lifted.

Going to work is a fine thing to do.  I do some interesting things there.  I get to see people who I would never see if I stayed in the house all day.  I don’t have to spend more than an hour (total!) in the car commuting.

It feels normal.  It feels manageable.

The first thing I do when I get home is put on my running gear.  If I do not complete that task when I walk in the door, then the run isn’t going to happen.  Because even the slightest hesitation will give me enough time to talk myself out of it or to find something else that needs to be done.

So I head out the door or hop on the treadmill for 70 minutes.  Sometimes it’s for a slow run, sometimes it’s for speed training.  On the days that I power walk, the first 10 minutes are to preserve my run streak.  On the days that I run, the last 10 minutes are reserved for a cool-down walk.

Marcus gets home anywhere between 3:30 and 5:30.  Once I wrap my workout up, he commandeers the basement.  That’s all there really is to say about that.

I go upstairs and fix myself what I like to think of as my version of an “after-school” snack.  An apple paired with cheddar cheese or some almond butter has been my favorite as of late.  I catch-up on blogs.  Make myself some tea.  Look over the recipes for the meal we’ll be preparing that night.  Pull on a pair of leggings and a sweatshirt.  Return to my closet 10 minutes later to add leg warmers because I’m now freezing to death.  It’s so predictable and yet so surprising to me.  Every single time.

Once Marcus is done working out and showering, we start preparing dinner.  He turns on the radio.  It’s always tuned to a station that showcases a variety of bad and totally arbitrary of rock music.  Sometimes I suspect they’re trying to be ironic.

A quiet kitchen is good for no one.

Cooking is something that we love to share.  It gives us an activity to do with one another.  It gives us the opportunity to try new things, without leaving the house.  It gives us something to focus on.  It gives us something to complete together.

After dinner, I pack up the leftovers and separate them into lunches while Marcus does the dishes.  It’s at this point in the night where we debate whether or not we’d like to drink wine or beer.

The answer is usually wine.

So we grab the bottle of the moment and head downstairs with glasses in-hand to enjoy a sip and to catch up on whatever happens to be on our DVR.

Sometimes we measure in hours, sometimes we measure in episodes.

In all of this, there comes a point on the couch where exhaustion finally sets in.  Where I am able to acknowledge the fact that I’ve been constantly moving, a ball of frenetic energy, for the entire day.  That the most delightful of all possible outcomes in our world involves a hot pack, a few fleece blankets and a King-sized bed.

It is Ordinary Time.  All is well.

What do you cherish the most about your Ordinary Time? 

What would you change?

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