25 by 25…a Progress Report

It’s been over a month since the last time I  addressed the issue of my 25 by 25.  It hasn’t fallen by the wayside.

I’ve just been…getting it done.

#6 – Learn how to make a pie crust from scratch

Pie week.  The recipe made two crusts.  Enough said.

#18 – Visit at least one new restaurant in the Twin Cities every month

Truth: The Entertainment Book  (we’ve officially pushed over the break-even mark!) and our need for cheap dates and adventures has really paid off.  When we bought it, I had no idea that it would help with this part of the project as much as it has.

October: The Red Sea

November: Las Teresitas, La Belle Vie, The Red Stag, Pineda Tacos

December: Donnie Dirk’s Zombie Den, Crescent Moon Bakery

#20 – Come up with some sort of skincare habit to replace my completely non-existent routine

I have not mastered this one by any means, but I will confess to doing some daily moisturizing.  This December air has brought my face to a place that is so far beyond dry, I don’t even know how to deal.  So when I’m blowing-out my hair, I do a bit of moisturizing.  Because otherwise pressed powder just looks like a horror show.

All together now: Do Not Want.

My projects for next month: What I really want to work on is knocking off a couple of recipes from the cookbooks we received for our wedding.  Even though I cooked a TON since our last check-in, using those books was something I failed epically at.

The Current List as it Stands

  1. Finish a marathon
  2. Take-up Pilates (ongoing)
  3. Go to the Bakken Museum
  4. Go to the Mill City Museum
  5. Learn how to properly arrange flowers (ongoing)
  6. Learn how to make pie crust from scratch
  7. Take a gun safety class
  8. Do five DIY re-decorating/home improvement projects
  9. Correspond (ongoing)
  10. Create and maintain a proper adult address book
  11. Give to the food shelf monthly (ongoing)
  12. Use our china at least one time each season
  13. Learn how to do a proper smokey eye
  14. Source the following cookbooks: Veganomicon, Time for Dinner, How to Roast a Lamb, From Mom with love…
  15. Take a Friday off.  And bake a challah.  From scratch.
  16. Bake Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies when I want them (ongoing)
  17. Complete the process of legally changing my name
  18. Visit one new restaurant in the Twin Cities every month (ongoing)
  19. Make at least one recipe out of each of the cookbooks we got as a wedding gift: pizza, Williams-Sonoma SALAD, Kosher by Design, Kosher by Design Lightens Up, The Wine Lovers Cookbook, Super juicer, The Fearless Baker, MIXT Salads, Bride & Groom First and Forever Cookbook
  20. Come up with some sort of skin care habit to replace my completely non-existent routine (ongoing)
  21. Visit Chicago
  22. Buy a piece of jewelry for myself
  23. Get my broken/under-used purses cleaned or repaired
  24. Donate old gowns/dresses to those who could actually use them
  25. Learn how to use my French Press

What are the projects you would like to knock-off your to do list before the new year?

p.s. It’s Day Two of Be a Good Cookie Week!  Check out Jeanne’s post.  Hint: She made Chocolate-Dipped Coconut Shortbreads.  And she’s hosting a giveaway!

p.s.s. Double the fun and head on over to enter Kirsten’s giveaway!


12 responses to “25 by 25…a Progress Report

  1. I will tell you that in terms of a skincare routine, buying a Clarisonic CHANGED MY LIFE…totally worth the investment…made it so all other bits of routine were completely unnecessary! Definitely check it out.

  2. Skincare routine? What’s that? Do people use products other than bar soap to wash their faces? 🙂

  3. You know what’s totally goofy? I’ve taken a day to do #15…and, well I’m not Jewish, Haha. But challah bread is so pretty, and dang tasty!

  4. If your skin is still bugging you, I would recommend using regular moisturizer and then a tinted moisturizer as your base on top. I top with dusting of powder and my face looks deceptively quenched and glowing.

  5. I’ve been lathering up with body lotion this minute I get out of the shower for a couple years now, and it truly transformed my skin. Now, I wish I could say the same for my hands. My hands are what truly take a beating. Between a toddler and a dog, I am always touching something gross. So, I wash my hands a million times a day, which leaves them dry and cracked. I keep thinking, self, you need to apply lotion more throughout the day, but I don’t like that greasy feeling. Plus, then a certain toddler slips through my hands! 😉 I am wondering if I should try sleeping in those gloves…

  6. Peachy Keen

    You’re making great progress! Don’t you just love when a borderline purchase really pays off?! Next time I’m in he twin cities I know who I’m asking for restaurant recommendations !

  7. Your posts have been so inspirational and deep lately! Have you been going on a journey of self-discovery or some spiritual quest? I cried reading 3 different posts.
    Maybe you’re not on a journey, but I am pre-menstrual? Who knows

  8. Nice job on the progress! Haven’t you just been a busy bee.
    Biggest goal right now? Trying to get a job.

  9. Learning how to bake bread, and sew, are both on my new years resolution list. I gotta get going on those 🙂

  10. Making lots of progress Girl! Great job:-)
    I would love to print some of my wedding pics and finish up my wedding album sometime this lifetime. If only there were more hours in the day!

  11. You are rockin that list! Remind me again of your deadline… How will you celebrate these fine achievements?

  12. With all the times that I’ve seen this list, how did I not recognize #21? I could totally meet up you there.

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