Daily Archives: 12.08.2011

My 30 Hours a Week-Home

I know!  We’re talking about work.  How strange right?  I mean, we all know that I get dressed and go there every day to make the monies.  But that’s pretty much it.

The office I work in isn’t a fashion show (thankfully), so on the mornings where I can’t remember what I wore last week, or lack the energy to choose a flattering outfit, I can just throw something on and get out the door.

Like today.

Thank you, Nautica, for manufacturing such a bold, unmistakable yellow.  I don’t know when anyone should actually wear it (which is probably why it was only $10 at the outlet on Black Friday), but God knows I’ll keep on trying.

Since my work computer is down for the count right now and I’m actually working out of another co-worker’s space while they’re out, I thought I would take you on a tour of my little corner of the office.

You know, absence makes the heart grow fonder and all of that.

I like to think that I lucked out because when I got my promotion, they set-up my workstation in a single cube instead of one of those arrangements where you have to share with four people.

I’m going to be honest – I don’t think I could have handled all of the lurking.

I need a little oasis.

So, what surrounds me on a daily basis?

I actually hung the race certificates from the 10 Mile and the Marathon to reinforce the fact that I really do run.  Because for some bizarre reason, when I came back to work on Monday after the marathon with mangled feet, most of my co-workers were surprised that I even ran.

Kind of like that one time when I came home from Hawaii engaged and a co-worker told me that he didn’t even know I was seeing anyone.


I also realized after taking this snap that the glass candy dish that I sourced from the “free” cube needs to be filled.  Ideally with some variety of hard candy that holds no interest for me.  Like mints.  Or something that would require me to get a skin graft for the roof of my mouth after I finish eating it.  Like Jolly Ranchers.

Don’t lie.  Its happened to you.  No one is immune.

One of my Black Friday goals was to source a blanket for the office since our workplace is a little bit on the chilly side.  To add insult to injury, my body temperature is one degree below “normal.”

Translation: I am freezing all the time.

While we were at the GAP, I managed to snag a fleece arrangement for $8.

I started wrapping myself in it almost immediately.  After a few days, one of my co-workers started referring to her as a “blankie.”

So I decided to run with it.  One thing that everyone knows is that blankies have to have names (ideally extremely literal) in order to be Real.

Example: My childhood blanket’s name was Supersoft.

So, this is Dot.

Totally perfect, right?

Not totally perfect =  This.


Complete with a taped-to-the-board fortune that a co-worker of Christmas Past left behind.

How barren.  I don’t think I’ll ever have the need to fill part or even all of that board, so it needs to be taken down.  I’m thinking that instead, I’ll hang some of the stray picture frames we have sitting around the house with pictures from the wedding/honeymoon.

Obviously once I make this happen, I’ll be sure to share some snaps of the after.  I really can’t continue to live with that situation.

What do you do to decorate your office/workspace?

What would your co-workers be surprised to learn about you?

What kind of spray paint is best for doing picture frames?

I have two in one color and one in another (it’s a brown/black situation) so, I would love to do something fun, like spray them gold.