Daily Archives: 11.30.2011

Stepping Away from the Checkout Button

Kittens, I am LOVING the responses to yesterday’s post.  If you haven’t commented yet, click here and tell me all.  I’m starting to see a pattern.  And for the most part, it’s hysterical.

All that aside, this is me announcing my official hiatus from shopping.

Yes, seriously.

Until when?  February 1st, I think.  Because March seems too far away and I really don’t know what I would actually need 31 days from now.

I was reading another blog last weekend (I could not tell you for the life of me what it was called) and she said something along the lines of:

Blah, blah, over 200 pieces in my closet, blah, blah, purging, blah, blah, my wardrobe will never be that well-edited.

That mysterious jumble of words really resonated with me.

Truth: I’ve never counted how many things I have hanging/stashed/folded in my closet, but I’m guessing that my number is well over 200 as well.  I love all of it, and I too, have no intention of purging.

So if I’m going to continue on the current path, then I should really get to know every piece inside-and-out.  My spider sense is telling me that in two months, I’ll have a very good idea of what I actually need (staple-wise) and what I really want.

And it goes without saying that it will save some money.

For context, my closet.

What you’re not seeing is the full extent (and contents!) of the shoe shelving in my closet, the running shoes by the treadmill, the shoe rack in the entryway or the hutch-arrangement in our entryway that hides an additional ~10 pairs of sandals/flats.

Yes, I’m coming off of a weekend of Black Friday shopping.  Yes, I just placed a last-minute order today for running jackets/gloves and the odd camisole.

But tomorrow marks the beginning of December, AKA The Month Where Other People Should Be Bringing You Things the month of giving.

So it’s really just time to Say No To Retail Therapy.

The exemptions:

  • The semi-annual sale (it’s when I do the majority of my underwear buying for the year).
  • I see an “it” piece of clothing that is so outrageously low-priced that it would be truly criminal to leave it on the sale rack, dooming it to the closet of another.
  • The running gear I need to be able to keep running (shoes).

Summary: I’m going to have to avoid the mall and the J.Crew website at all costs.  What you can’t see can’t end up in your closet.

This challenge/adventure/experiment starts now.

Do you ever take a shopping break?