A Little Bit Curious

Kittens, as I was reading everyone’s comments on my gun safety post the other day, I realized that it was an interesting litmus test for the blog.

Even though I was expecting the situation to be hardcore divisive, we were surprisingly on the same page.  And then little idiosyncracies started to rise to the surface.  Things that I NEVER would have expected y’all to throw out there that just fit together.

Added to the list of things that we love to do:

  • Foraging for rhinestones in antique shops
  • Spa days
  • Eating whipped cream from the can

Added to the list of things we worry about:

  • The zombie apocalypse (sometimes we only worry about it because other people tell us to, even if we’re not sure why it’s such an alarming prospect)

Added to the list of things we dislike:

So now, because I’m deadly curious, there are more questions to be answered.  Pick one or all of them.  Yes, I realize this is more of a dialogue then we usually work in the comments section.  But I think we’re all going to be tickled by the results of this.

And obviously, I answered them too…

1. Do you dream?

I know we all “dream” but in general I don’t remember them.  So formally speaking, I do not.

2. What was your favorite color in elementary school?  What is it today?

Elementary School: Purple.  Specifically royal purple.  When I was three our dance costumes were Lilac-colored.  I was pretty thrilled about that.  Now: Tiffany Blue and Pink.  It depends on the day.

3. Documentaries: How often do you watch them?

Often enough.  So probably…twice a month?  I don’t know if that’s a lot or a little.

4. When you work out, do allow yourself little vanities?

Example: When I run, I leave my jewelry intact, action a side bang-part arrangement for my ponytail and rock the eyeliner (or whatever other makeup happens to be on my face at the time).

5. What is your greatest fear?

When I was little, I was afraid our stove would burn the house down (it was electric, so don’t ask me how that one worked out in my head).  Today?  Definitely dying in a plane crash.

6. How many times have you eaten Frozen Yogurt as a meal?

Um.  Too many times to count.  That’s basically the only way I eat it these days.

Your turn – spill the beans on #1 – #6.  I’ll super-scientifically analyze the results (it’s just how I roll) and come back with something meaningful for us to workshop next week.

25 responses to “A Little Bit Curious

  1. Oh, I love tests. OK…
    1) Yes. My worst dreams are the ones in which I can’t open my eyes or get ish done in time for whatever deadline is looming.
    2) I’m pretty sure in elementary school it was green. Now it’s yellow; even my bridesmaids dresses were a butter color.
    3) Hmmmm…. not sure. I have to be really interested. And HRH has to not be demanding Tinkerbell or Belle or Ariel.
    4) I rock the “look as crappy as you can” look, except when I am at a race. Then I set the makeup gun to whore (Simpsons reference). But I always wear my RoadID and my two cause bracelets (colon and ovarian cancer).
    5) My selfish fear is spiders. But I also have started to train Zooey to track HRH because I can’t imagine what I’d do were she lost/kidnapped.
    6) I decline to comment on the grounds that my response may incriminate my hips and rear end. But if there is a caramel flavor, it’s on like Donkey Kong.

    Also, for the record, the only reason I let my kid run wild in restaurants is because we are trying to sell her.
    (totally kidding on that – we know we can’t control everything, but she is chaperoned and kept in check)

  2. 1) Yes, I dream. I don’t remember them long term, usually, but when I’m feeling stressed, I dream about lions – and specifically about them stalking me.
    2) Fave colour as a kid: pink. Now? Depends on what the item is. Love bright colours.
    3) Almost never watch documentaries.
    4) I wear makeup when I workout (hello, Makeup Forever eyeliner!), and have bought myself sparkly headbands.
    5) Greatest fear: something bad happening to my kids, or dying and leaving my kids mom-less.
    6) Have never eaten frozen yogurt as a meal, but have definitely made cake a meal!

  3. I Love this!
    1) I LOVE to dream! Which is kinda bad, because that also means I love sleep. Way too much.
    4) YES. Even in the morning, when I know I’m going to take a shower right after my workout, I still get almost completely ready… only to do it all over again an hour later 🙂
    5) I’m with you- way too many times to count 😉

  4. 1. I dream. Like crazy. ALL the time. They could practically be considered night terrors. I can’t count the number of times Ross has woken me up because I was crying. And I remember all of them. In vivid detail.
    2. Elementary school: orange, today: pink or purple
    3. I watch documentaries when a) Ross’s dad is staying with us or…really there is no b.
    4. I workout with jewelery and makeup. Or right after rolling out of bed. Whenever I decide to work out, I wear what I was wearing 10 minutes before (with the obvious exception of changing into workout clothes)
    5. My greatest fear is fish. I’m so not kidding. I cry like a child if they come near me. Even goldfish.
    6. Actually…never. However today my entire diet did consist of grilled cheese sandwiches and that’s about it. Does that count?

  5. I love this!
    1) Yes! I always dream. Super vividly. Like, I wake up and think those things actually happened.
    2) Elementary school fav color: pink. Today: orange and yellow
    3) Hmm…does Quints By Surprise or Sister Wives count as a documentary?
    4) I don’t wear any jewelry or any make up when I work out. All I do is brush my teeth and put my contacts in. I pull my hair up into a messy ponytail and off I go!
    5) Greatest fear? Some sort of tragic accident.
    6) Yes, one time a couple months ago, I had ice cream for dinner. I have to say, after I had it, I did not feel so great 😉

  6. I have tons of dreams about ex-boyfriends and I def need to watch more documentaries!

  7. Oh fun!
    1. I will have phases where I will either have vivid dreams or dream about nothing for a week. I used to have night terrors/sleep paralysis, but that was attributed to my CRAZY college sleep patterns.
    2. Elementary school: Blue, Today: Purple
    3. When I had Netflix I would watch documentaries all the time!
    4. NO vanities. I can’t workout with jewelry because it gets in my way and my skin is so sensitive that it would break out like MAD if I kept the makeup on.
    5. I’m afraid of so many things. I used to be deathly afraid of tornadoes (I was in one when I was 3) and rollercoasters, but now I’m afraid to fly and I fear death of my loved ones. Wah.
    6. Maybe once?

  8. Peachy Keen


    1) yup, but not the crazy fantasy kind or the deep with hidden meaning kind. The “aw darn that didn’t happen because it felt totally realistic” kind.

    2) I’m all about dusty navy ( the color of faded Red Sox hat) but a pale peony pink is pretty pleasant ( couldn’t resist).

    3) Only about four times a year, movie escapism is more my thing.

    4) Definitely! The only time the pearls come out of my ears is when they’re being cleaned. Leaving my make up on is more about laziness then vanity but that stays too.

    5) I have an irrational fear of werewolves. I know that they do not exist, but do I really?
    For rational fears, definitely a car accident. I’m not a fan of driving.

    6) Once in thrd grade. A friend’s mon gave it to us for dinner and I was stunned and thrilled.

  9. 1. Yes, I dream. Not every day, but I do remember dreams about once a week.

    2. I am pretty sure that I would have said BLACK in elementary school because I was so deep and mysterious. Black is still my favorite color to wear, but I think that my favorite color is probably actually purple. I say blue, usually, but I am beginning to realize that I like purple more.

    3. I don’t even watch movies, usually, so never? I’ll watch documentaries on television (like, a History channel special), but that is only because my partner likes to watch them.

    4. Not really. I am pretty schlubby when I work out.

    5. I am most scared of either myself dying and leaving my kids without a mom or my kids dying. I don’t know which is worse.

    6. I have to say that I don’t particularly like frozen yogurt, so no. Ice cream, though? Absolutely.

  10. 1. Yes, lots of strange dreaming. Usually I do not find myself at work without any clothes on, so that’s good.

    2.Childhood fav color: can’t remember. Today: For clothing, purples. For wall paint, taupe. For anything else…lime green, perhaps.

    3. Documentaries, yes but not habitually. As many good ones as I can find.

    4. If I shlog first thing in the morning, I usually don’t look too hot (bed head, etc…). Otherwise, I just look how I look. I definitely don’t have a closet full of cute workout outfits, but I wish I did.

    5. Greatest fear: that I’ll die young and miss out on all life has to offer. Also, physical pain of all sorts.

    6. Frozen yogurt isn’t really my thing, so I’d say ZERO on that one.

  11. 1. Yes. Most nights…I think.
    2. Pink. And now? Black. It’s easy to work with black!
    3. Once in a very rare while. I prefer to stay ignorant I guess. Sad.
    4. I look like crap before, during and after a workout. Sad again.
    5. Greatest fear…going blind. It freaks me out!
    6. I don’t like frozen yogurt! I need to chew my calories to make them count. 🙂

  12. 1. My dreams usually consist of searching for someone or something. Case in point: last night I searched for toilet and could never find one. You can imagine when I awoke in the middle night and almost peed my pants!
    2. My favorite color as a kid was purple and remains my favorite today.
    3. I love documentaries! Although, I don’t watch them as frequently as I would like. The last one I saw was the one about Kings of Leon, and it was pretty awesome.
    4. I am plain Jane when I workout.
    5. Hmmm…greatest fear is probably death, but also boogers and snot.
    6. I love frozen yogurt, but I don’t eat it very much. Instead, I am whore for frozen chocolate chips:)

  13. What an interesting mix of questions!
    1.I used to have very vivid dreams that happened very often, but lately I don’t dream as much. When I do, they’re all about stress and tests. Gah.
    2.Mango tango. I love light orange, and I always wanted to have a creative color to like. So, we have mango tango. Now, I’m not sure what my favorite color is. I do like a nice plum.
    3. Not that often. Then again, I haven’t watched any movies in quite some time…
    4. I leave my makeup on, if that’s what you mean.
    5.The unknown. I hate not knowing why for pretty much everything.
    6. I’ve had fro yo for a meal twice I think. However, I have substituted meals with cookies. I freakin’ love cookies.

  14. 1. I go through phases where I don’t remember my dreams that well, but most of the time I have vivid, weird ass dreams that don’t make any kind of sense. They are often quite morbid as well.

    2. Favorite color in elementary school was baby blue, which used to please me because it was also Justin Timberlake’s favorite color. Now it’s pumpkin orange.

    3. Documentaries are my favorite, so if I’m going to watch a movie, I’ll usually pick a documentary 9 times out of 10.

    4. I look like a disgusting slob when I work out- I don’t bother to wash off my makeup if I’m working out in the afternoon / night, but if I’m going in the morning I’m without makeup, wearing dirty clothes more often than not and my hair is a big, frizzy mess. It’s really cute…

    5. Greatest fear = electricity. I’m scared of getting hit by lightning, electrocuting myself, getting shocked, starting a fire when I plug something in… and hippos.

    6. Yes, but I usually eat it in addition to meals… or as second dessert 🙂

  15. 1. Yes, I definitely dream. The ones I remember the best are the ones I have after my alarm goes off and I’m either snoozing or simply gave up and reset the alarm – they get crazy. Heck, sometimes the fear of crazy dreams alone will motivate me to just get up and run!

    2. I could never pick a favorite color when I was a kid. I knew that as a girl it was supposed to be pink or purple but I didn’t like either color because they were too girly. Today I feel very strongly about colors and my favorite is green with orange or purple coming in second, depending on the day or situation.

    3. If we get bored with Netflix shows we’ll throw in a documentary. Or if they are on TV we’ll watch them. We enjoy them but don’t really seek them out.

    4. Oh yes, especially if I’m going to see people. My hair is usually side parted, some mascara is always on if it isn’t my early AM run and I try not to look too dorky. Although I ignore all of that with my super early trips to the gym…I’m the only one there! You should have seen my hair this morning!

    5. When I was growing up we had two house fires…one was electrical {most likely electrical blanket} and the other was from our dryer…so that is definitely a real fear. I don’t want to die from fire or drowning – especially not while in a car. I’m also terrified that if I ever become a mother I’m going to royally suck at it!

    6. You mean to say frozen yogurt isn’t a meal? I even took my mom out to eat for dinner at Yogurtland once when she was visiting. She is a nurse and said it was an okay meal!

  16. 1. Hardly ever dream…I feel as though I am missing out!
    2. I loved pink in grade school….now I love green and yellow.
    3. I watch documentaries here and there.
    4. The most spruced up I get during a work out is to rock a sparkly bic band.
    5. Greatest fear: flying.
    6. Not enough! No frozen yogurt joints where I live. I am way too deprived:-(

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  18. 1. Yes, I dream. Lastnight it was about running. I usually remember them 50/50.
    2. It used to be blue. Then I wisened up. Now I’m a big pink fan, although with my new brown hair, green seems to be very fitting. It goes well.
    3. Not Often.
    4. I like being matchy-matchy. Even if it’s just a headband to match my t-shirt.
    5. Never being able to lose weight. Is that totally lame? Probably. Or fearing that I’m holding myself back from my goals.
    6. (see answer to #5). Atleast once/month. Maybe more.

  19. 1. I generally don’t. I rarely get a flash of a dream upon waking, but it’s generally gone very quickly.

    2. I don’t remember what my favorite color was in elementary school. Blue, maybe?? I honestly don’t know. Today? Red (but only red w/ blue undertones)…

    3. I watch them fairly often. Most of the time, when I want to have tv on in the background, I default either to a movie I’ve seen a million times or a documentary on Netflix streaming.

    4. I usually wear a necklace while running. I wear either a custom made necklace that has 3 metal discs that say Dream Strive Succeed on them or I wear a necklace with a pendant of an attitude indicator. The Dream Strive Succeed necklace has seen me through all of my most significant races, and when I’m digging deep to finish a race, I will reach up and touch the pendant for a boost of strength. As for the other pendant: My husband has his private pilot’s license (tiny small airplanes), and the attitude indicator is the gauge in an airplane that used to be called the artificial horizon, showing how the plane is tilted compared to the horizon. My attitude indicator necklace has a reading slightly above the horizon, which is called a “positive attitude.” I wear this necklace (a) because I’m so proud of my husband for all the work he’s put in to be a pilot and (b) because I’m a generally optimistic person and strive to have a positive attitude. 🙂

    5. I have a massive fear of heights.

    6. I don’t generally eat frozen yogurt. I know, that’s going to get me blocked from reading this blog. I don’t generally eat ice cream either. The calorie tradeoff doesn’t usually seem worth it to me, especially when I’m heavily viewing food as fuel for my training or an upcoming race. Maybe I should give it a second look though, since so many of the bloggers I read talk about it.

  20. Is it too late to play?? Here goes…

    1. Yes…I dream but I usually remember it for about 3 minutes after I wake up and then it’s gone
    2. Always loved yellow.
    3. Not very often at all…but always say I should watch more.
    4. Well…haven’t been working out so much lately but I happen to think I look pretty cute in a high ponytail and a headband.
    5. Regret. (I try to run my life by this fear…)
    6. Frozen yogurt never. But cereal (for any meal)? Several times a week.

  21. 1) Yes. I dream almost every night, and I remember them too.
    2) I was a royal purple fan too! I was a big fan of monochromatic outfits. Purple leggings, purple sweatshirt, and a big purple bow in my hair. Just lovely.
    3) I watch documentaries a lot. I watch them so often that I wish Netflix would update their documentary watch instantly section.
    4) I usually look like a gross slob when I workout, and I have put zero effort or money into a workout wardrobe. That means that I workout in yoga pants and oversized barcrawl t-shirts most of the time.
    5) My greatest superficial fears are that my teeth will fall out or get knocked out of my mouth. YUCK! I also have a fear of heights.
    6) I’ve had frozen yogurt only a small handful of times in my life. THE SHAME. But I would totally eat it as a meal.

  22. 1. I dream every night. I used to keep a notebook next to my bed so that I could write down some of the crazy stuff & remember it.
    2. My favorite color in elementary school was pink, then I went through a jewel tone/black phase, now it is totally pink again. Preferably with glitter. Obviously.
    3. LOVE documentaries! I watch them every chance I get, which is sadly only a couple of times a month. Thank goodness for the NetFlix instant queue.
    4. When I work out, I have absolutely no vanity aside from my earrings and whatever makeup I may have already been wearing, which is on a daily basis is probably not much.
    5. Greatest fear = something happening to my family.
    6. I’m not sure if I should share the number of times I’ve eaten frozen yogurt as a meal. I worked at a fro-yo shop in high school, where I took every opportunity to make it a meal. Given the chance, I seize the opportunity.

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  24. 1. Do you dream?

    Yes, especially when I’m worried or stressed about something, also those are the dreams that I tend to remember. The night before the bar exam I had a dream that all of my teeth fell out and I was really happy because it meant I didn’t have to take the bar.

    2. What was your favorite color in elementary school? What is it today?

    Elementary School: Blue Now: Red, Green, Blue….and most other colors

    3. Documentaries: How often do you watch them?

    Not often enough, but I love them.

    4. When you work out, do allow yourself little vanities?

    Not really, although I love new work out clothes.

    5. What is your greatest fear?

    Falling down the stairs….when I was little I was afraid of being broke

    6. How many times have you eaten Frozen Yogurt as a meal?

    Three times on our honeymoon, I would do it more often if there was a frozen yogurt place nearby

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