Daily Archives: 11.29.2011

A Little Bit Curious

Kittens, as I was reading everyone’s comments on my gun safety post the other day, I realized that it was an interesting litmus test for the blog.

Even though I was expecting the situation to be hardcore divisive, we were surprisingly on the same page.  And then little idiosyncracies started to rise to the surface.  Things that I NEVER would have expected y’all to throw out there that just fit together.

Added to the list of things that we love to do:

  • Foraging for rhinestones in antique shops
  • Spa days
  • Eating whipped cream from the can

Added to the list of things we worry about:

  • The zombie apocalypse (sometimes we only worry about it because other people tell us to, even if we’re not sure why it’s such an alarming prospect)

Added to the list of things we dislike:

So now, because I’m deadly curious, there are more questions to be answered.  Pick one or all of them.  Yes, I realize this is more of a dialogue then we usually work in the comments section.  But I think we’re all going to be tickled by the results of this.

And obviously, I answered them too…

1. Do you dream?

I know we all “dream” but in general I don’t remember them.  So formally speaking, I do not.

2. What was your favorite color in elementary school?  What is it today?

Elementary School: Purple.  Specifically royal purple.  When I was three our dance costumes were Lilac-colored.  I was pretty thrilled about that.  Now: Tiffany Blue and Pink.  It depends on the day.

3. Documentaries: How often do you watch them?

Often enough.  So probably…twice a month?  I don’t know if that’s a lot or a little.

4. When you work out, do allow yourself little vanities?

Example: When I run, I leave my jewelry intact, action a side bang-part arrangement for my ponytail and rock the eyeliner (or whatever other makeup happens to be on my face at the time).

5. What is your greatest fear?

When I was little, I was afraid our stove would burn the house down (it was electric, so don’t ask me how that one worked out in my head).  Today?  Definitely dying in a plane crash.

6. How many times have you eaten Frozen Yogurt as a meal?

Um.  Too many times to count.  That’s basically the only way I eat it these days.

Your turn – spill the beans on #1 – #6.  I’ll super-scientifically analyze the results (it’s just how I roll) and come back with something meaningful for us to workshop next week.