Daily Archives: 11.28.2011

A New Stalwart

I still can’t decide if Mondays are about general wellness, my running, or what.  But in the same way that I don’t want to bombard you with proud pictures of my dinner in every post, I don’t want to chatter about healthy living on a daily basis either.

Truth: Tonight is the first night that Marcus and I have sat down to dinner at-home in a week.  Since the wedding last Tuesday, we’ve been on the equivalent of a food vacation without actually leaving town.

Delicious?  Yes.

Something that my body can handle?  Not really.

At some point it just gets to be a lot.

So this week is as good as any to “reset” before we get into the full-on swing of holiday parties.

What that actually means: Lots of tea, bringing salads (or really veggie-heavy dishes) for lunch, pushing the water like crazy.

Staying away from things covered in melted cheese.  Or things covered in frosting.

They’re basically the same thing in my book.

But enough about the eating.  Unless you’re at the table with me, it’s just not that fascinating.

In the last month, I noticed that my arms really aren’t as toned as they used to be.  I don’t know why what I’ve been doing isn’t working anymore, but facing reality means admitting that it isn’t and making a change.

What is a change?  If you have Comcast OnDemand, this is me telling you to run (don’t walk!) and start doing Yoga Slimdown.  It’s a 22 minute vinyasa session that I LOVE.  Yes, even more than the Yoga Sculpt session that was my stalwart for the better part of the year.

Plus, you can do it from the comfort of your living room/basement.  Without having to leave your house when the temperature dips below zero.  Whenever the mood strikes.  It leaves no room for excuses.  I absolutely love that.

Another reason that I love doing yoga in my basement?  I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am EXTREMELY self-conscious when I practice.  If I’m rocking the windmill to keep from falling over (my balance is a day-to-day thing) or I let one rip (let’s be serious – it happens to everyone), there is no judgement whatsoever.  We just continue with the breathing and move into the next pose.


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