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2nd Annual Treadmill in the Basement Turkey Trot Recap

I know, I know.

Usually Fridays are dedicated to food.

But considering the fact that right now the absolute last thing on my mind is food (seriously – I’ve never been this not-hungry in my life), I thought y’all would be good with postponing for a day.

That means it’s time for a race recap of the 2nd Annual Treadmill in the Basement Turkey Trot.  Because if It’s Real, it gets a recap.

Not Real = No Recap.

Like I mentioned yesterday, my body decided that Thanksgiving morning was the day where it was actually going to give sleeping-in a fighting chance.  When I opened my eyes and saw light streaming in through our curtains, my first thought was Not Good.

So I rolled out of bed, threw on my running gear, and hustled downstairs to the treadmill.

This was also the point in time where I realized that my bib was a little bit large and that instead of wearing it on my leg, I was going to have to go front and center-first 5k style.

I was not so excited about that.

Anyway, the week after the Monster Dash, I realized that I should work on managing expectations a little bit and so instead of doing a half-marathon, I went for 10 miles.

10 miles.  It’s my favorite distance.  Not so long that it’s a day-ruiner, long enough that there’s some sweating commitment happening.

It validates the fact that we eat two Thanksgiving dinners.

Most rational person on the planet.  Right here.

What I  learned?  My basement is REALLY not a good space for taking pictures.  Which is probably why outside of this whole treadmill-snaps thing, I avoid it at all costs.

Water Stop

On the Course

My final time?  1:30:00.  And surprisingly (considering the bar hopping that happened the night before) it felt GOOD.  No, I am not adopting beer as the new carb-load.


When you finish your own Turkey Trot, you should probably wear all the medals.  It’s hardware time.

Did you move your body on Thanksgiving?

Black Friday: Day of Shopping or Day of Recovery?

Since we did our Black Friday shopping tres early (the outlet mall opens at 9 PM, so we just drove up when dinner was finished), I would like to think that today was actually dedicated to recovery.