Daily Archives: 11.24.2011

Thankful x5

Oh man, kittens.

I had this really peaceful vision of how this weekend was supposed to work out.

Until we ended up bar hopping last night like we were 21 again.

Thank you for bearing with me through last night’s post.

And my body decided that today was the day I was actually going to sleep in until 8 AM.

Internal alarm clock, how you foil me.

I let Marcus use the vegetable peeler even though I just knew he was going to peel himself.

Which he promptly did.

But the show always goes on.  By the time that we managed to escape the house this morning to go over the river and through the woods, we were at peace.

So now it’s time for that part of the holiday where I give thanks.  Express gratitude.  Appreciate just a few of the things that make my life an absolute joy to live.  Even if they are REALLY superficial.

Let’s be honest.  I feel like it’s implied that I’m thankful for access to clean water.  Electricity.  Freedom of the press.  My family.  My health.

In case it wasn’t implied, hear me now: I’m thankful for all of those things.

What else am I thankful for?

1. My running shoes.  Over the past year, the only thing I can say about the situation is that Ravenna must be Brooks for Winged Victory.  I’m so very positive that they are the hooves that God meant for me to have.  The extra inch of sole on my foot that I was separated from at birth.  You love your shoes?  That’s great, really.  But mine are better.

2. My work schedule.  When I think about the way my life looked a year ago and the reality of my situation now, the difference is like night and day.  I’m finally excited to go to work.  I finally enjoy the time that I spend with my co-workers.  When I get home, I no longer worry about running out of time in the day for everything that I want to accomplish.  When I get home I’m relaxed and happy instead of being enraged about sitting through yet another rush hour.  I was standing in the kitchen last week making croutons and for a moment, my heart felt like it was so full it could burst.  I am so blessed and lucky that we’re able to make our situation work the way that we do.

3. The myAgenda Planner.  I don’t know if the tiny screen on my phone made me feel more claustrophobic about the amount of free-time I had available, or what.  Despite the fact that some of my friends tease me about carrying around a book the size of a Bible in my purse, it so helps me to get stuff done.

4. Garnier Fructis 3 Minute Undo.  Making deep-conditioning my hair a weekly-habit has easily been one of the better ideas that I’ve had in recent memory.  I can source it at the drug store (divas unite) and it works like a charm.  For 10 minutes a week, I get to have hair that is 11/10.

5. The Running Pack in the Sky

Yes, its conception was totally selfish.  I needed to know in my darkest marathon moments that I was not alone.  But you know, it kind of took off.  And every time I see #RunningPackintheSky on Twitter  it makes me smile.  It is real.  Even though we run in separate places, on separate training plans, at separate times, we run together As One.

What are the silly little things that you’re thankful for?