Daily Archives: 11.22.2011

Wrapping-Up The Fall Five

Thanksgiving is almost here (what else is new?) and I’m proud to report that as of last Friday, The Fall Five are complete!

Deadline: Met.

I don’t know that I ever announced an ending date for this challenge, but I had it worked out in my head that Thanksgiving is kind of when Fall ends and Winter really takes over.

So there’s that.

Last week, I took a look at the forecast for the weekend (freezing and snowy), and realized that on Friday I should embrace the 40 degree temperatures and take the CRV in for a car wash.

Truth be told, I have absolutely no recollection of the last time that I washed my car.  I’m the kind of girl who chooses to rely on thunderstorms and the exfoliating powers of slush and road salt.

Yes, I realize that’s absolutely terrible for my car.

As I was getting ready to pump some gas, I read-up on the different wash-options and decided that Karat (yes, that’s what I seriously named my gold car) was really worth the $11 Ultimate Wash.

Marcus informed me after the fact that the $7 wash probably would have been just fine.  But the fancy wash made me feel like maybe I was giving my car the automobile equivalent of a Fraxel Laser treatment.

Other ways we know that I am a car wash amateur:

I could not properly center my car on the wheel lock in the middle of the wash.  A fellow citizen had to direct me from his white Pontiac Sunfire outside of the car wash structure.

I had to call Marcus before I drove into the car wash to find out whether or not folding my mirrors in was REALLY necessary.

For the record, even if the picture-instructions on the wash say that you have to, you don’t really need to.


Naturally, since the slush has arrived, my effort was completely in vain.

When is the last time you took your car in for a wash?