Daily Archives: 11.21.2011

Getting Over It

I don’t write very often about bad runs on the blog.  Because unless I finish a run and feel outright pissed or nauseous, I’m the glass half-full girl who puts another tally in the “win” column.

But it’s November.

There are no races in sight.

I realized that in order to hit my mileage goal for the week, I’m going to have to switch to early AM runs (read: 4:30 AM wake-up calls) for the next two days.

How nice.

Last Thursday I was particularly fussed and not in the mood to move.  At all.  So I put my ear buds in and threw on my running sunglasses and called it a 10k.

Because sometimes, that’s just how we do.

Marcus grabbed a few snaps when he walked in the door.  We live in a split-level, so he had no idea that he was going to be coming home to…this.

Speed demon.

It was the silliest, stupidest fix, but it worked.  And like 99% of my runs, when I was done I felt better than I did when I walked in the door.

Some days a glass of wine is the answer.  On other days it’s wearing my arm warmers.  It’s the fact that they get me on the treadmill that counts.

Numero Uno on my list of days that can’t be a “bad” running day?


Yes, y’all are cordially invited to participate in the 2nd Annual Treadmill in the Basement Turkey Trot.  The course is located wherever you are (at home, at a gym).  Distance-wise, it can be as long or short as you would like for it to be.  It is pet friendly.  There is a personal bathroom for each racer and every stop is a water stop.

The Bib Situation…

1. Wear one of your old bibs

Don’t lie.  We’ve all saved them.  Except for my first 5k bib.  And the bib from the Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon that I ripped off in a fit of rage after I returned home, beaten and tired.  But whatever.  You probably have one lying around.  Even if you don’t think so.  Kind of like how I found my 10 mile bib a few days before the marathon.  Runners are hoarders.  It just happens.

2. Make a bib

To do so, source a priority mail envelope from the post office.  This is as easy as stopping by the post office, walking in, grabbing one of those envelopes and walking out.

Cut a bib out.  You’ll notice that one side is totally white.  This is the side you want to use.  You know, unless you’re into the blue/red motif.  Or want to pretend that USPS is sponsoring your race.   In which case, keep the outside.

Finally, ink it.  I’d recommend taking this opportunity to use your name as your number like PAULA and DEENA.  Because for most of us, this is the only chance we’ll ever get.

And you, dear, are ready to race.

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What tricks do you use to get through bad runs?